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How to Release Love Blocks with Sedona Method

In the process of looking for love, I sometimes have women hesitantly share that they think they are “too old” or “too rough around the edges” or “too independent” for real sacred soulmate love to happen for them. These are examples of love blocks.

I honestly personally thought I was too fat for true love because that’s what my father told me when I was 16.

I also thought I was too old at 32 and I hear this often from women in their 30s – which of course leaves women in their 50s and 60s + aghast.

How Do You Even FIND Love aka Self-Limiting Beliefs?

Whatever your “too fill-in-the-blank” love block is, pls try on the concept that it’s actually just an idea, a theory or a hypothesis. It’s an assumption. It’s a premise upon which you operate (for now).

In the words of Byron Katie, you can try asking yourself, “is it true”?

“Can we be absolutely certain that it’s true?”

Whatever your version of what’s “wrong” with you that makes you unlovable is, know that over the years I have heard so many versions of love blocks that you’re likely not the only one that’s got the particular flavor of love block you’ve got.

And I have also seen that in every circumstance, that hypothesis only remains with you if you don’t release it.

Many women I work with who struggled with dating for marriage – in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, still found love.

Many found it online. And you can too.

Now, how do you release those pesky love blocks aka unproven hypotheses??

Well first let’s think about what would happen if that wasn’t true.

You might find love and then things would CHANGE!

You might decide to be vulnerable!

You might decide to let someone in your space.

You might decide to (fill in the blank of whatever your brain is afraid of that it thinks will change and might be unsafe if you have intimacy).

So just be gentle with yourself.

Cognitively, you can decide to examine it AS a hypothesis and not as a truth.

You can look at this idea and notice that it doesn’t walk around in your head waving its freak flag saying, “Hey, look at me! I am a disempowering love block and until you change me or release me you will think I am the truth!”

No, it doesn’t walk around your brain saying that. LOL

It probably says something like, “This is what’s true about you. This is set in stone. This is reality for you.”

And it may not even say that. It might be like a brick in a brick wall or a pretty piece of tile in a beautifully tiled floor in the recesses of your consciousness, just camouflaged in the background. It’s been there for so long that we just don’t notice it at all.

The Sedona Method: Permanently Removing Love Blocks

Above are a few cognitive ways to approach finding and releasing a love block. This illumination of a love block’s absurdity and irrationality might be enough to cause you to spontaneously release it. Sometimes in my coaching sessions this happens with lots of laughs.

But…it might not go that easily. Typically love blocks think they have an impiortant job to do, so they want to stay. A love block’s job almost always has to do with protecting you from pain.

The same illogical way that these darn love blocks or unhelpful and often disempowering thoughts/ideas/beliefs and assumptions masquerade as “truth,” is the same illogical way that works to releasing them. This is a beautiful and simple method called Sedona Method. I use it often in my sessions to help clients remove their own resistance and move toward creating their goals and dreams in love.

And Sedona Method (which I am certified in) and you can find it on YouTube right now and go use it, because even just reading this might have clarified what love blocks might exist for you.

I am gonna repeat that: The same way that these thoughts/ideas/beliefs and assumptions masquerade as “truth” isn’t logical, releasing them ALSO isn’t logical.

This is also the reason why you may have done tons of work such as therapy and personal growth seminars, and still these things are there because they are not logical hence they will not GO logically.

Sedona method craftily gets around the logical mind.

It’s so simple and effective that it works even if you don’t do it correctly. LOL!

Sedona Method basically exists on the premise that what we resist persists and what we release finds peace.

The idea is that when you try to “fix” something or “change” it, that internal effort produces resistance because you want the thing to be gone.

The wanting it to be gone energy creates resistance to the thing you’re wanting gone.

And so it remains, due to the emotional charge associated with it.

After years of therapy, personal growth work, shamanic journeys and quantum healing, I haven’t found anything simpler or quicker or more effective for releasing blocks, beliefs, fears or ideas than Sedona Method.

Here are some quotes to illuminate what women say about releasing with Sedona Method:

“This is insanely effective.”

“I feel like I have wings opening up behind and above me. I feel so free!”

“I can feel the charge going out of these concepts for me. These are mental hang-ups and constructs that have very little to do with reality. They have so little true validity.”

“I have space and peace in the back of my heart, I had physical pain in those areas that’s gone, I feel a lot of release of tension. I want to move, I want to do some jumping jacks, let it reset. The butterfly that was in a jar in my heart is flying freely collecting nectar from flowers.”

“There is no charge – I feel so happy about it!!!!”

Releasing Love Blocks Creates Space for Miracles Like True Love

So my point is – whatever reason you have that feels true for you that tells you over and over why you’re not worthy of love – you CAN release it.

Releasing these ideas creates so much space for miracles like soulmate sacred love.

It creates space for many more miracles but the miracle that is my mission is sacred peaceful soulmate love, because that kind of love heals us and heals our communities, our children and the world.

If you’d like my help in removing your blocks to true love as well as expert help in dating for marriage and partnering powerfully with a high quality empowered man, send me a PM and ask about my 1-1 90 day intensive.

In that program we work together 1-1 to release anything that’s keeping you from success in love – which often translates to success in other areas of life including money, career and health.

My clients attract hot healthy love in an average of 10 dates and in at a rate of 1-2 dates per week. This really means that if finding love is on your radar for 2024, you can totally do it.

Love, Emilia

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