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I Wanted to make My Daughter Differently from My Upbringing

I wanted to raise my daughter differently than I was raised.

I was raised in a family of deprivation. Deprivation of love, mostly, because in communism in Bulgaria, where I grew up, it was frowned upon to believe in God (you were supposed to believe in the State as your God – kinda like what America is going through now with Wokeism).

And so my parents grew up disconnected from Source. And if you’re disconnected from Source, there’s never enough love.

As I reworked my connection to Source, little by little many things changed for me. I healed my own deprivation which causes narcissism (you don’t have a connection to Source so you try to vampire off others. Yes, that’s what I did, that’s what I was taught to do and that’s how I was raised – so no wonder narcissists were the men I attracted, effeminate men and unhealthy men were my magnets).

When I did the work to heal and rework my relationship patterns and my understanding of men and God, this amazing healthy masculine man, the way God designed men, DIVINE MASCULINE, showed up! And we had a daughter and she’s now 8 and we’re living our dreams!

We’re not perfect, we’re just US.

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