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If you tired by struggling in a love, I have a PSA again.

If you keep struggling in love, I have a PSA again, lol…

Just like true success in finances, health or life purpose takes intentional growth, learning and acting in rebellion to mainstream brainwashing…

So do healthy relationships.

The sacred divine masculine is pure creative, generative, penetrative sexual consciousness.

The sacred divine feminine is pure openness, a receptive cauldron of creative sexual energy.

That’s why if your masculine man gives you a house, as a feminine woman, YOU will make it a HOME.

Embracing Sacred Union: The Divine Dance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

If your healthy masculine man gives you a seed, you will create a new BEING.

If your masculine man gives you a skill and an expertise, you will create a thriving community and business around it.

That’s the power of the feminine.

Men KNOW this.

They CRAVE it. They don’t have it.

They need us.

And….We need them.

There is no shame in that. You’re not broken as mainstream culture teaches, for needing a man.

You’re at best, slightly misled and at worst, led astray for your whole life.

But you don’t have to be….

So listen……

FINANCES – Just like to really thrive financially and feel financially free you need education and taking ACTION that is OUTSIDE of the mainstream….

HEALTH – Just like to be really thriving physically and for your health to be radiant, you need to practice a diet, exercise and supplement schedule that’s OUTSIDE of the mainstream…

LIFE PURPOSE – Just like to be fulfilled and be truly creating something you’re passionate about for very few of us it’s getting a college degree and then gong to work in corporate – often that’s OUTSIDE of the mainstream too…..

SO IS Deep Lasting Love. What I call Sacred Union. Sacred Partnership. Divine Union.

It’s OUTSIDE of the mainstream. The reasons for this are complex and nuanced and this post is not about that. But you might have some ideas so your comments and they are welcome below! 

But you know what IS working in our corner, even if the mainstream narrative isn’t (in SO many areas and more and more coming to light every day)?

DIVINE DESIGN is working FOR us. For Sacred Union. For Love.

Breaking Free from Mainstream Narratives: Navigating the Path to Deep Lasting Love

The organic way of life, intended by our Creator Source Intelligent Infinity.

But if you’re not connected to your divine feminine power, you can’t have access to these spiritual frequencies. I can help with this! So send me a DM if you know this is what you’re ready for!

The energy of the healthy masculine is pure light, love and fulfillment.

Therefore the soul of the sacred masculine is pure love.

Pure support.

Pure provision.

He’s not interested in using these gifts in any other way except in the energetic creation of goodness, foundation, support, stability and pure love and devotion towards the feminine.

He worships the ground she walks on, she worships the ground he stands on.

They are pure, they are innocent they are in divine image.

Divine beings.

This is Divine union and you CAN have it in human form, all the mystics who wanted it had it, and walked this path.

If you’re a priestess you’re most likely weaving your creations along this path and it’s TIME!

It’s time for us to STOP taking in false programming about ourselves and about the opposite sex. It’s time to stand in our sovereign divine creative purity TOGETHER.

Mainstream cultural and social programs be damned!

But it takes YOU to awaken and free yourself from the matrix.

It’s possible. It’s here. It’s time.

Join me in this sacred work.

Here are the things I help with:

1. Energetically calling the RIGHT man into your sphere of possibility through spiritual practices such as prayer and affirmation and intentional dating practice.

2. Dating smart, with a proven practical filtering strategy that attracts high quality men but repels effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists. I find very few women that KNOW how to do this consistently and predictably and as a result settle for poor quality connections thinking that’s all that’s possible.

3. Healing deeply any personal, collective and ancestral wounds that keep you in a paradigm of sacrificing, settling and playing small in love and with the masculine energy. THIS IS A BIGGIE for feminine leaders that keeps them in a cycle of draining and unhealthy relationships.

4. Navigating and maintaining the energy exchange in your relationship in a nourishing flow of divine sacred union. VERY FEW FEMININE LEADERS understand and embody this and yet our personal relationship and the level to which we feel supported and met has a huge influence on living a fulfilled, rich life.

5. Partnering as a feminine counterpart of a sacred union and understanding men and masculine energy so that you can feel safe, confident and secure in your relationship or marriage because you’re deeply connected on every level.

Most of my clients meet their match within 3-6 months of working together at a rate of 1-2 dates per week. Some meet their person within 10 dates and for others it takes up to apx 12 months. In any case, having the skills to partner powerfully with the men and the masculine in your life in a way that creates synergy and partnership is life-changing part of creating your dream life.

If this resonates with you then – YAY– I invite you to send me a PM and ask about working together. I will respond back with a few questions to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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