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If you want sacred partnership love and marriage with a divine masculine man

If you want sacred partnership love and marriage with a divine masculine man, you can only create that with authentic empowerment – and not control.

Controlling means that you’re tightly managing your appearance, behavior, feelings and how you present yourself in the world according to an EXTERNAL set of criteria.

Embracing Authentic Empowerment: Unveiling Societal Conditioning

Empowerment is ALLOWING yourself to be with and discern your AUTHENTIC needs, feelings and letting your behavior, self-expression and actions follow suit.

Empowerment is self leadership (or partnership with self). Control requires submission.

Many women submit to societal control. And this is something that’s expected of us.

If you submit to societal norms, you’re NOT going to create a sacred partnership that’s YOURS.

Because YOU’re not there. Knock knock!!!

Only the socially acceptable version of you (controlled self) is there.

There is a flavor of rebelliousness and wildness required for divine union.

Society gives us no map and a ton of programming against it instead.

But we’re over that shit.

It’s the new Earth! Time to create 5D love – sacred union.

Sacred Union is a joining of your wild, heirloom, organic and unadulterated feminine power with a man’s wild, heirloom organic unadulterated masculine power.

There are some programs, ideals and expectations you need to CLIMB the F out of, to create that kind of relationship.

Because so many women control themselves VS empower themselves, they think that a man controlling them is actually masculine health.

And it’s not. A controlling man is a sure sign of masculine UNhealth.

If you control yourself, you will think a man who is controlling is a healthy thing but it’s not. You will attract a controlling man which is wounded masculine. OR you will be controlling of yourself AND him in which case you will attract an effeminate man or a narcissist and you will REPEL healthy masculine men.

Partnership requires YOU. The partner. 💪

That means you are in your power because YOU are there and you exist as a person with needs, wants, desires and preferences, gifts, perceptions, LIFE.

Control obliterates the YOU.

Healthy Masculine Partnerships: The Role of Empowerment and Authenticity

Healthy masculine men don’t want control and they don’t want submission. They in NO WAY want to obliterate the YOU. They need the YOU. They WANT the YOU. Their very sense of success in life depends on them making the YOU happy.

They want PARTNERSHIP .That’s what they actually SAY.

And partnership requires leadership.

A healthy man will be leading with your needs and wants in mind. Which means you need to PARTICIPATE by telling him what they are. You need to participate by acknowledging and appreciating him when he provides for them and gently re-orienting him when he’s off the mark (because he’s human).

You’re betraying yourself and you’re betraying any potential for a healthy partnership by allowing, expecting and moving aside so the man can dictate the pace of the relationship sexually, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

A healthy masculine man isn’t looking for a doormat.

He’s looking for a QUEEN. 👑

A QUEEN owns herself, leads herself and is aware of her ability to INFLUENCE and INSPIRE men.

Sometimes it’s like women don’t even know that they have a say.

That they have even more “power” in many cases than the man, because a healthy masculine man commits to making the woman he’s chosen or is with, happy. And if she is not happy, he feels like a failure. And that’s a BIG issue for him.

It’s social propaganda that the feminine just stands there and tolerates whatever the masculine wants to do with her. This is a completely inverted narrative and many women don’t even know that they are carrying it = allowing a man to be in control.

You get a say. Don’t put yourself away! Your power partnership DEPENDS on your input. Otherwise it won’t be a power partnership and it won’t be YOURS.

Show him your passion, share your heart, don’t hold back!

There can be no partnership if you hold back!!!!

You need to stay true, authentic and share with him what you need, desire and require.

Anything less is you NOT owning your power in the relationship. And he won’t be able to make you happy.

He will sense it over time and if he’s a healthy masculine man and he feels he’ll never make you happy, he WILL leave.

He doesn’t want to fail over and over at something that means the world to him.

It’s so painful and such a waste of his energy and resources, to him.

He will leave you and go find a partnership.

Not an observer-SHIP and not a controller-SHIP.

Healthy masculine men don’t want to control. They want to PARTNER.

If you’re with a healthy masculine man, he needs genuine information, participation and reciprocation.

Society teaches us, especially as young women and female children to be small, unseen, unheard, and unremarkable. But that’s the programming to forever leave behind!

And the crazy thing is once you’re in sacred union suddenly everything else blossoms because YOU are there. Your business, finances, life fulfillment, relationship with kids, manifesting power, MAGIC.

And you can! And I can help! In my 90 day 1-1 intensive I help women date in a way that or healthy masculine men. We work on healing any wounds or programming that’s keeping you from claiming your wild authentic sacred femininity. And we work on how to partner with the masculine energy in men to create an energy flow within the relationship that nourishes you and your partner forever.

If you’d like to create that in the next 3-6 months then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about the intensive. I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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