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If your love relationships with men often feel hopeless

If your relationships with men often feel hopeless, “blah,” or confusing and you struggle to create and sustain connection, chemistry and commitment; you’re most likely misunderstanding that men, masculine energy and the male brain is unique and very different from women, feminine energy and the female brain.

If you think that gender is a social construct, please feel free to unfollow me now.


I will just piss you off from here. LOL.

Gender is a biological REALITY and if you’re a feminine heterosexual woman, the sooner you are willing to divorce the mainstream narrative that women can be men and men can be women, the sooner you will find yourself creating beautiful, complimentary and delightful connections with men of all ages and in all contexts; work, life, love.

In a spiritual context, most of us decide to incarnate in a female body so we can experience the divine feminine energy flowing through a physical, female mammalian body.

We all have both female and male spiritual energy.

While balancing those energies within our own being is a great way to achieve spiritual harmony as a single person, becoming a synergistic union of (NOT OPPOSITES but compliments) while in human form by interdepending with others is one of the most rewarding aspects of human relationships.

If we insist that our own female and male energies are perfectly synchronized within and we don’t need to interdepend with anyone else with reciprocal giving and receiving from each other’s strengths then we’re missing one of the most profound manifestations of God on Earth – sacred union.

It’s so simple, it’s crazy that I even need to explain it but our world today has moved so far from this that we aren’t really in touch with what spiritual partnership and interdependence really means.

Not only is our biochemical environment informing our gender at this moment, our biochemical milieu throughout life – starting as a young child – impacts the way our brain forms, the way we’ve interpreted and responded to our surroundings (this is called learning), as well as our life experiences as a certain gender.

Yes, there is a portion of gender that is socially constructed as in the roles, behaviors and actions that are considered “acceptable” for women and for men.

However, consider this is a result of the aptitudes that come with our biochemical predispositions and not an arbitrary prescription of roles for an imaginary goal (although that can occur as well).

Let’s just think about the fact that most men’s bodies, due to testosterone, are better equipped to handle situational and prolonged stress, such as the stress of having to prove themselves capable in a work situation, the challenge of winning negotiations, and the ability to show up and produce results over and over without fatigue.

I am not saying women can’t do this, I am simply saying, notice how many burned out women we have who try to accomplish – in masculine energy – and how depleting of life that is for the female body; where it’s actually life-giving to the male body.

That’s because the male body produces dopamine (a pleasure and reward chemical) in response to such stresses whereas the female body produces cortisol (a stress chemical that taxes our adrenal glands).

So to assign the role of provider to a male person is simply more aligned with his capacities than a female person.

This isn’t sexist or old-fashioned this is just a question of who is better suited for the job.

Not to get too biochemical but isn’t it a tad strange that they tell us that gender is fluid and it’s a social construct, yet you BIOCHEMICALLY have to change your body by taking estrogen or progesterone or testosterone if you want to go from one gender to the other?

So that in itself is an oxymoron, because if men and women were a social construct then just by deciding you were one or the other you could switch sexes, you wouldn’t have to take any hormones as well.

I happen to know about not just because one, I am a university-educated biochemist and two, I studied for over 15 yrs and was certified by one of the leading global experts in the area of understanding men (Alison Armstrong) and three and most importantly – I have direct personal experience with this.

My experience comes from going on close to 500 dates over apx 10 yrs with MEN.

Sacred partnership is a fulfilling and complementary synergy of mutual understanding, support and fulfillment.

But it can’t happen without an understanding of the differences in our instincts and behaviours.

These are major driving forces that need to be honored and considered for the health and success of any romantic relationship.

It’s the union of our feminine and masculine spiritual divine energy for the purposes of love, creation, abundance, synergy and LIFE!

But it also requires an understanding of our biological, biochemical and behavioral differences that stem from our mammalian animal bodies. relationships relationships

If you’re sincerely willing to learn about men, like really understand them as a separate being and “species” than women then you are laying a foundation for forever love.

If you’re also willing to learn about women and mammalian mating instincts that drive them and how they are different from those of men, you will have an easy fun ride dating to your man.

These are forever skill that will profoundly impact the success of all of your relationships.

If you want LOVE with a healthy masculine man in the next 3-6 months WHILE learning how to communicate with, understand and connect with men so you can feel confident on your dating journey and ecstatic in your choice of partner, I help you with all of this in my 1-1, 6 month intensive.

In that intensive we work on dating smart so you’re attracting a plethora of high-quality masculine men, we also work on your ability to sustain a fulfilling, committed partnership because you understand the key differences and therefore core needs of the masculine but even more importantly, the feminine form both a biochemical and spiritual perspective. relationships

Just send me a PM and ask me about it. We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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