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Embrace a New Approach to Dating for Spiritual Women.

No, he’s not taking too long to text you back, he’s not ignoring you, he’s not necessarily “not interested.” If you’re a sincere spiritual successful woman who is single and SICK of “normal” dating and waiting and wondering if he will CALL BACK, I have an important PSA: Masculine men DO NOT have the same sense of time as women do. Time doesn’t flow for them at the same speed or rhythm as it does for us.

That’s because we femmes are cyclical creatures, biologically oriented to the cycles in our body and in our solar system. So we know when a week has gone by without even thinking about it.

Men don’t.

Men are single focused on their tasks at hand and several days or weeks go by before they might get an opening to think about us again, especially if they are very busy.

Often women say things like, “I haven’t heard from him in like 2 weeks, he’s not interested right?” And I say, not necessarily, he might just be busy, keep the door open. And guess what? He contacts her saying that exact thing and asks her out again.

The best way to handle this mismatch in timeflow is to put yourself in a situation where a man’s timeflow doesn’t affect you until you trust him.

That’s because if you try to maneuver him on your timeline (either through contacting him or manipulation, “Hey how’s it going, wanna come over for tacos?”), if he is a healthy masculine man, you will be EMASCULATING him.

You will in essence be communicating that HIS rhythm isn’t acceptable and he needs to flow on YOURS. And that’s a sure way to repel a healthy masculine man and attract an unhealthy or broken man who needs a mommy.

Don’t do it. Just don’t.


That’s why you need to multiple date and learn to use the many “abundant in men” online dating platforms as a source of introductions to high quality masculine men that are healthy and ready for a relationship by SORTING.

Because then you can easily and effortlessly allow each and every man to go through his timing and get back to you when he’s ready because you will have FIVE other high quality masculine men messaging you and wanting to take you out.

I learned this the hard way, after going on close to 500 dates before I met my husband 12 years ago and it still works because it’s been used and tested and refined over the years by my clients that are now happily partnered or married to a healthy masculine man who loves them and cherishes them.

And the SORTING is SO easy, I’ve literally laid it out step by step for you here. My students and clients that apply this meet their divine counterpart in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates or introductions a week. The ones that take this on like the dating manual literally attract their man in just a few weeks in as few as 5-10 dates. It WORKS.

It’s FREE.

USE it.

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