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If you’re love dating and you don’t seem to be masculine and high quality.

If you’re dating and you don’t seem to be attracting healthy, masculine and high quality men who are successful and emotionally available, I have a very important PSA (again, lol):

RECEPTIVITY is the superpower you need to attract a high-quality masculine man.

Receptivity is the ultimate love language masculine energy men understand.

Receptivity is one thing, without which, you cannot succeed in a sacred partnership love marriage.

Being receptive to your man’s gifts and accepting them with appreciation and respect will keep him showing up for you again and again.

There is a CATCH, though.

To attract this kind of a man, you must be willing to be VULNERABLE.

There is no receptivity without vulnerability.

And that’s where most smart and successful single women struggle.

It’s simple. In the world, your masculine power is rewarded.

You use your masculine power to generate income, success, status.

It’s just so baffling why it doesn’t work in relationships.

And why you keep attracting the wrong men.

Women who show up in the masculine on dates, REPEL healthy masculine men.

Women who are in their masculine energy are so used to it, they don’t even know they’re doing it.

Being in the masculine attracts effeminate men, narcissists, or moys (men boys).

Receptivity is the main thing we work on in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

Q: But Emilia, how TF do I access my vulnerability while dating if I’ve been hurt again and again by men???!!

A: You practice with SAFE men. Let me say it again. You practice with SAFE men.


How to tell if you’re with a SAFE MAN is EXACTLY what you need to master if you’d like to attract a healthy masculine man.

And this is EAXACTLY what I teach you immediately when you join my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

I do this by giving you my POWERFUL and SIMPLE vetting process to filter out unsafe and unhealthy men.

Then dating becomes and adventure of the heart.

You’re growing, learning and blossoming in your feminine power and you’re applying that on your dates because you’re going out with SAFE men and you know how to tell which men are UNsafe and even if you don’t, you have me in your back pocket to help you!

And suddenly the quality of men you’re attracting starts to change.

You start seeing and feeling into the heart of these masculine men.

You let one date open the door for you and you truly RECEIVE it, not merely tolerate it and scowl silently while you wait for him to get out of the way LOL, which is just about all a woman can do when she’s in her masculine energy.

In your feminine energy you can truly receive it, allow it and acknowledge him and his masculine taking care of you and protecting you. And guess what? He might ask you out right then and there!

It’s a small thing, a simple gesture.

But it’s not the things you do – it’s HOW you do the things you do.

See, you already have a circle of high-quality available men around you.

But since you’re in your masculine energy you’re giving off an “I’ve got this” vibe.


There is nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who CAN do for herself but ALLOWS a man to do for her while acknowledging his contribution.

See, your receptivity is safety for a man. They don’t want to be rejected, spurned or worse – emasculated.

It starts with opening the door and it leads to walks to your car.

It leads to having your back in your soulpreneur biz or career.

It leads to taking the kids while you work.

It leads to emptying the dishwasher so you can nap.

If you’re a single woman currently dating and you keep attracting the wrong men but you’re ready for your soulmate, then send me a PM and inquire about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive, you get my 3-step smart filtering strategy that will have you dating high-quality masculine men and immediately turn the cycle of attracting the wrong men around.

We will work on cultivating your receptivity by accessing your vulnerability through emotional healing practices such as the Sedona Method which is incredibly helpful for releasing any limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, or worries that keep you protecting yourself and in masculine mode.

We will use a powerful forgiveness process that is unlike anything else I’ve seen that will have you reclaiming your power and confidence with ease (which are actually the foundations of vulnerability).

And finally, you will learn an important yet carefully curated amount about men that will give you the tools to connect on every level with high-achieving men.

The man you pick is extremely important to your wellbeing.

The man you choose to share your body, home and children with determines SO MUCH.

No one really spells it out for you like I am going to right now.

Given that the wrong marriage can set you back years in terms of emotional, psychological and financial health and cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in court and attorney fees in the case of divorce, this ONE investment is priceless and irreplaceable.

When you have the right man to share your life and home with, when you have the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to create and sustain true fulfilling sacred love marriage, your life is forever changed.

And it’s the Age of Aquarius, the golden age.

The blueprints for Divine Union are here.

You must all but claim them. I can help 

Send me a pm and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if my 90 day 1-1 intensive is right for you. If so we can get started the very same day.

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