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If you’re seeing a great guy and have questions…

If you’re seeing a cool guy and you wonder where it’s going and how to bring it up, don’t. Multiple date instead, and let the man move in HIS time.masculine


An exclusivity conversation isn’t something I recommend we, as the feminine initiate, in and of itself.

No sit downs with, “we gotta talk about where this is going.”

No put-him-on-the-spot with, “so where is this going?”

No out of the blue interrogations with “are you serious about me?”

That’s because if we’re dating a MASCULINE man, he will want to be the one to GENERATE/INITIATE that topic and CLAIM us as HIS.

That’s his masculine energy nature.

And if WE bring it up, we take the opportunity for him to claim his woman away from him, and emasculate him in the process.

That’s why women often experience that when she brings up the where is it going convo, men tend to “ghost.”

Understanding the Dynamics of Connection and Emasculation masculine

Either forever or if they like her, they DO reappear at some point but by then for her it’s too late because she doesn’t KNOW how she pushed him there and/or doesn’t want to own it.

Ya, it’s because you emasculated him. And you took away his masculine drive to claim you.

But have no fear, Emilia is here!

There IS a way to bring up this conversation in a FEMININE way.

But it would be something you share in response to something HE might suggest.

For example, he might say he’d like to come to your house or invite you to his house and make you dinner.

That’s an example of an opportunity for you. Because if you go to his house or he comes to yours, you’re setting yourself up for hanky panky.

And that leads to biochemical BONDING which makes it even HARDER to multiple date and let men move on THEIR time, not yours.

So you say, “Thank you so much for inviting me to your house for dinner and I would really enjoy that, however I am not comfortable going to people’s houses if they are not my boyfriend


if we have not yet discussed the status of our relationship and it’s unclear


if we are not in a committed relationship.


whatever you want to say and then say, “I hope you understand my feelings.”

And then just be quiet and LISTEN to his response. LEAVE room for him to respond. LEAN back.

And then if he’s a healthy masculine man but he’s not ready to go exclusive with you yet, he will naturally say, something like, “Ok I understand.”

And if he’s ready for that conversation and/or ready to be exclusive, he might say something like, “I am ready to be exclusive with you, how about you?”

Or, “I am not seeing anyone else and took my profile down.”

Or, “I am not going to pursue a connection with anyone else I met through my profile…etc”

Do you know where to go from there? I can help!!!! Just send me a DM and ask about working with me in my monthly coaching package or 90 day 1-1 intensive.

Here are the things I help with:

1. Energetically calling him into your sphere of possibility through spiritual practices such as prayer and affirmation.

2. Dating smart, with a proven practical filtering strategy that attracts high quality men but repels most effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists.

3. Healing deeply any personal, collective and ancestral wounds that keep you in a paradigm of sacrificing, settling and playing small in love and with the masculine energy.

4. Navigating and maintaining the energy flow within your new or current relationship in a nourishing flow. This flow is from masculine to feminine and reciprocated back again so that the sacred union energy flow configuration is your foundation for safety, connection longevity. This ignites the “fire of forever” with a trust so deep that you can always return to the safety and nourishment of the peace, connection and understanding that exists between the two of you. Yes, life and world-changing and no, not for everyone.

If this is the kind of support you need, then feel free to send me a DM! I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started within a few days.

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