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If You’re SOOO Sick of love DATING Online…

If you’re SOOO sick of DATING and HATE going online and just DO NOT think that your man is online (I hear this from A LOT of women) you’re not wrong, but you’re also not necessarily right LOL.

I met my awesome hubby online 13 yrs ago, my clients meet their husbands online ALL THE TIME and honestly not much has changed about online dating at its core.

Mastering Online Dating: Differentiating Between Good Guys and Jerks

It’s still the same as it was – there are good guys and jerks, all on the same APPS, you need to learn how to TELL THE DIFFERENCE.

Because here you are reading this and you might even decide I am cool and you think you want to know more about what I am talking about… and you might decide to reach out to me or sign up for my HOW to PICK the RIGHT guy checklist which would mean we met online!!! HA!

Using the online dating platforms for INTRODUCTIONS is THE FASTEST way to meet a high-quality man.

But you can’t just do it WILLY NILLY if you want success fast.

WILLY NILLY is what most women do because they DO NOT have a strategy that works consistently and predictably to bring in high value masculine men looking for a wife so – they can take their pick.

I teach you the exact strategy I created, used, my clients use and is PROVEN to work here:

Women message me all the time saying that all they did was download my Right Guy Checklist, they applied it and they met someone special and cool that they are on the way to lifelong partnership with.

So can you. But noooo, I just don’t think my man is online, some of you say…..OK.

But listen…if you don’t want to be single, how are you planning to get introductions to high quality masculine men, then?

Because the only other alternatives are crossing your fingers and praying for a miracle but not taking any ALIGNED action to create the miracle, paying a matchmaker, or asking your friends for introductions to their husband or boyfriend’s single friends.

SO, HOW will you get introductions?

Yes, you can trust that the right man will accidentally bump into you at the grocery store because of Universal Magic, sure.

And for some, it does happen.

But it didn’t happen for me and it doesn’t happen for many of my gorgeous, intelligent, ambitious, high-achieving clients.

Most women DO need to take some action.

ALIGNED action – ALIGNED to what works and what has been proven to GET RESULTS.

I had a client recently tell me that she realizes that yes God feeds all the birds, but the birds do have to go out, fly and catch something.

It the same with this. Except you just put yourself in the stream of high quality men and you REMOVE THE REST.

All I say is that you can position yourself INTNENTIONALLY where high value men are and pick your fave instead of leaving it to chance and hoping it will happen ORGANICALLY.

IT CAN happen organically! I believe we live in a Magical Universe.

But it can happen a lot faster and better, INTENTIONALLY.

Better meaning, meeting high quality masculine men so you’re not wasting your time on the rest.

You need a strategy.

I have a strategy.

The Proven Strategy for Finding Your Perfect Match

I developed it for MYSELF after years of dating drama. And once I finally put all the pieces together, I attracted my husband about 3 weeks later.

I’ve been teaching it to my clients for 8 yrs now and IT WORKS.

Still not convinced?

Here’s the dates an amazing client of mine went on in November in December 2022. And now she’s with an amazing guy she sees a future with, and we know he does too. She TRUSTS him, because she knows HOW to PICK the RIGHT guy.

She went on 1 date with John.

She went on 1 date with William.

She went on 1 date with Brad – this ended up being the guy she’s now happily exclusive with.

She went on 2 dates with Derek, because I encouraged her to multiple date even though she had already met Brad so we wouldn’t be obsessing over any of them LOL.

She went on 3 dates with Nick – and then she went exclusive with Brad.

So how many dates total? 8. That’s it, that’s all, the end.

EIGHT DATES to your man. Is that too many dates?

EIGHT dates and 3 of them were with the guy she most liked anyway. So that leaves 5 dates, and he was the THIRD guy she met.

Another client recently wrote me that her guy was the THIRD guy she met as well and they went to each other’s houses over the holidays to meet his family.

Another client, it was the 5th guy she met.

Another client it was the 4th guy and they just got married.

Because first we make sure we’re on the RIGHT PATH with the RIGHT GUY and so few things are going to go wrong from here.

Because we make sure he’s


In Anna and Brad’s case, he invited her over to his house for dinner early on, she told him that she would like to go but wasn’t ready yet because she doesn’t like to go over to stranger’s houses (this is how I coach you). YES.

He kept asking her over 🙂 He did not want to be a stranger.

He made it clear to her through his ACTIONS that he was interested in being her MAN.

When she finally felt she was feeling ready to go over, she did as I coached her – she said that for her, going to his house means that they are going to be exclusive and is that what he wanted?

He said Yes.

So here we are.

In just EIGHT dates.

SO that’s why I am telling you guys over and over here on my wall that I am HAPPY to guarantee your engagement in 2023 if I accept you into the Engaged 2023 program because THESE ARE MY RESULTS and I KNOW MY STUFF WORKS.

SO if you want help, you know where the DMs are and look forward to reading from you.

Engaged 2023 is open until the end of January and I will be closing enrollments January 31st so you still have your chance to jump in and never go through another holiday alone!

XO Emilia

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