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In healthy relationships, you ask for what you need

In healthy relationships, you ask for what you need.

Healthy Relationship

In healthy relationships reciprocity is generous.

In healthy relationships when a break occurs in connection, you address it.

In healthy relationships when actions, or words are hurtful you voice the hurt.

In healthy relationships restoring and repairing honours the relationship.

In healthy relationships you are accountable for your actions.

In healthy relationship sincere apologies are given.

In healthy relationships when the other is hurting you comfort them.

In healthy relationships conflicts occur.

In healthy relationship you work through conflict together with love as the foundation.

Together facing fears, hurts, wounds and challenges, love deepens, blooms and flourishes.

In healthy relationships you honour your self and the relationship by doing your own personal healing of:

your family of origin wounds
your mother wound
your father wound
attachment wounds

you continuously heal your
emotional wounds
sexual dysfunctions and fantasies
abandonment wounds
betrayal wounds

you open your heart
you close your heart
you open your heart again

Healthy relationships are not linear, tidy and perfect.

Healthy relationships
inspire growth
ego death
facing our shadow and our partners
in the fiery cauldron of passion
and annihilation
piercing the veil blindly
and finding the divine play.

~ Lulu Trevena

I send love to each and every relationship in the world. ❤️

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