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Invitation to Everything Dating for Soulmate Attraction 8 Week Group Program

What defines your relationship when you’re seeing someone isn’t whether you make out or have sex, how often you see each other, or who pays on dates.

What defines your relationship when you’re dating is YOU, dear feminine woman.

No, it’s not leading or being in the masculine to be clear inside yourself what kind of relationship you desire.

In fact, desire is feminine, magnetic power.

YES healthy masculine men lead. But they lead, listening to YOU.

You’re not a pickle in this relationship, lol. You’re a partner.

Many women tell me that they just “ended up” with someone.

That’s being a pickle. No shame, we’ve all been there. But where does that relationship end up? In almost ALL cases – NOWHERE.

It wasn’t a conscious CHOICE.

That’s being a pickle (fawn, freeze, adapt, appease, please).

It “just happened,” or “we were young and we didn’t know anything,” or “he was the one that pursued me the most,” or “he was the only one I was seeing…”

The reasons for getting with and even marrying someone that are not “because I CHOSE him,” should be ZERO but they go on and one.

The only reason you should be with someone is because you CHOSE him.

And all of the above are you being a pickle.

Is it any wonder then that women struggle regularly with attracting the wrong men and stay in bad relationships too long?

Is it any wonder then that women marry and have children and divorce more than 50% of the time?

Is it any wonder then that women are in relationships that feel disconnected and dis-empowering that aren’t really bad enough to leave but also not fulfilling enough to stay?

Now that’s a pickle!

You made an UNconscious choice by not making a conscious CHOICE.

You were a flaccid pickle and there is NO shame! We’ve all been there, yours truly included.

If you want sacred union, don’t do that again.

You’re not a pickle. You’re a PARTNER.

That’s literally the word HEALTHY masculine men use to describe their feminine counterpart.

Just to illustrate what I mean even more clearly…..let me give this analogy.

Being a pickle is like me getting on my horse and dropping the reigns and saying, Ok, wherever she wants to take me is fine.

When really it’s not fine. When really there are things I desire and things I need and things I know I require to show up as my best self and feel safe.

I set the speed and the direction of the ride or else she’s in charge – and if you’ve ever been on a horse you know you definitely don’t want the horse deciding where to go and how fast to get there.

WHY? Because it WON’T be FUN and it definitely WON’T be SAFE!

Well it’s the same when you’re riding a man. Just kidding, just kidding!!!! But not really. LOL!

Because you still get to set the direction and the speed, with YOUR desire, with YOUR comfort and with YOUR availability, dear feminine woman, YES!

Ok, so maybe you didn’t know all that when you were 19, but now you do.

This time, date intentionally and select a healthy masculine man that you feel good around, like, respect and ADMIRE…

….that’s ready to give you what you DESIRE!

You don’t know how? Let me show you!

This is what you need if you’re ready for love but you DON’T WANT to date LOL. And don’t want to be stuck with the WRONG man again.

But you know you need to give the Universe a little help in bringing you your person by going out there and meeting some men!

If that’s you, then I am inviting you to my Everything Dating for Soulmate Attraction 8 Week Group Program starting March 21st.

It’s limited to 8 women and there are still spots left! The program is $888 or 3 x $333.

THIS container is meant to teach you nearly effortless dating for HIGH VALUE masculine men.

You will learn HOW to know who is a masculine man, how to connect with a high value masculine man on a date in a way that doesn’t drain you and you don’t have to be “on,” and the #1 thing you need to show up with that will show him you’re a high-value woman.

This LIVE group program covers everything from how to write your profile to what to say on texts, calls and on dates and even what to wear.

Learning this ONE skill of SELECTING the right man, will keep you from staying single forever, staying in relationships with the WRONG men and end the cycle of constantly attracting the wrong men.

You will also never feel there is scarcity around men ever again because I will show you EXACTLY how to procure an abundance of introductions to high quality men anytime you want.

If you apply what I am teaching you, you will meet your match in 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week. But honestly my clients do it MUCH sooner than that. It’s like within 5 dates or so.

If you’re interested in this program, just send me a DM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to make sure it’s a fit and if so, you can register right away and we can start working on your online dating profile, dating intentions and making your dating journey easy and fun.

Love, Emilia

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