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Invitation to work with me 1 on 1 for love

I have an incredible offer for you if you want a divine masculine husband and you want him ASAP, LOL.

I can take you by the hand and show you the exact steps you need to take in order to attract your soulmate in the next 3-6 months and get that engagement ring on your finger in the next 12 months! These is the exact steps I took to connect with my incredible husband of 12 yrs and the steps my clients take that lead them to their person.

Our work together consists of unlimited healing, dating strategy and divine alignment with your authentic self, along with an understanding of masculine and feminine polarity and the energy flow of a healthy and fulfilling partnership that lasts.

My area of expertise is taking you from disconnected from your authentic expression when it comes to men and love to claiming your desires with confidence and taking pleasure in the sheer magic of life again – living in your power, authority and femininity – with a devoted divine masculine man at your side.

I work with the sacred love rebels who know that it’s a new age of Sacred Union. I work with the brazen hussies who dare to dream about a life of hot healthy love fulfilled – with a masculine man who has got you as you fall into the pleasure of creating your ecstatic work in the world.

You’re in the world and not of it. And that in and of itself is one of the biggest challenge you face on the dating scene.

The men that get you are feminine. The men that don’t get you, never will.

Your big heart and empathic nature attract narcissists.

You need a spiritual connection that is a sacred union, nothing less will do.

You long for your divine masculine counterpart and you just don’t see yourself finding him on Tinder or Hinge.

This is a problem all powerful creatrix feminine leaders face.

And the messages you see around you about love…
The dating strategies…
The relationship methodologies …

The games……
The conversations about marriage…
The “feminine energy” movement…

Leave you bored AF because you know you’re looking for a spiritual connection much deeper than those paths alone can take you.

Work 1:1 with me privately for 90 days to create a foundation for sacred union in a marriage that’s YOURS. The investment is 5K. What I charge for this sacred work is super reasonable considering the lifelong relationship skills and access to your highest potential timeline when you’re in divine union with your cosmic masculine counterpart.

This is the gateway for your dream relationship if you’re ready to drop the armor and be vulnerable AF so you can be fully seen and met by your true match.

This offer is a great for wild women bored to tears by the mainstream marriage model, who honor their desire for sacred love as a divine calling, and who want to be the cherished partner of a power couple that’s here to transmit the codes for sacred union in service to humanity.

If this resonates with you, then send me a DM and ask about the 1 on 1 intensive. I will respond with a few questions and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away!

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