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Invitation to Work with Me 1 – 1

I have an invitation for New Earth Feminine Leaders who are ready for the Real Deal love.

You’re done fixing yourself and you’re like what can a coach do for me now?

You’ve done the therapy, the aya journeys the yoga retreats and all is WELL. You’ve got all your ducks in a row. You’re happy AND you want to share it with a conscious masculine MAN!

You’re a student of polarity and you know that’s an important part of the fire of forever equation yet you can’t quite piece together why that doesn’t feel like it’s got all the answers for you.

You’re a believer of a Divine Cosmos & Higher power and you know that your words, actions, thoughts and feelings are creative and you’re ready to APPLY that knowledge to manifesting your soulmate union.

You’re done dating because you don’t want to date the way you’ve dated in the past or the way you see other women date. This just isn’t for you.

I can help you manifest miracles and particularly the miracle of sacred union in 90 days or so.

Miracles are available and abundant AND for them to come into our reality there is our part to do.

There is a closing the gap(s) approach needed.

You already know most of what you need to know.

There is the idiom that knowledge is power but I would go one step deeper to say the APPLICATION of knowledge is power.

I’d like to help you come into your full power by applying the knowledge you already have, in the right way at the right time and in the right amount. That is mastery.

The mastery I am speaking of here is learning to wield our creative spiritual power IN a human body AND doing that with another human in synergy with love, precision and artistry.

It’s SO FUN and such an activation AND I don’t think this sacred union thing is for everybody.

This journey is for a Feminine Leader who know she’s got a purpose and a mission and vision for a New Earth Golden Age.

You know that you’ve got your part to do in that and you probably intuit deep down that the next step for you in that direction is a sacred union where you’re deeply synergized with a masculine counterpart.

You’ve walked as far as you want to walk alone and now it’s time for union. Sacred union.

A sacred union is where the whole is greater, far far greater than the sum of its parts. You feel deep in your heart that it’s what you’re made for. Sacred Marriage.

You know you feel, you sense that deep down that your next level, your next adventure, your next activation, your next spiritual quest is union.

If that’s you I am inviting you into the sacred portal of my 90 day 1:1 intensive. It’s a private container where we hold ceremony, alchemize barriers and prepare for sacred love.

Then we start meeting men but it’s a completely different way than you’ve ever done before.

In apx 5-10 introductions you will pick your masculine match.

I look forward to meeting you and I can’t wait to have the honor of alchemizing this sacred work with you. The container is $7777 PIF or 3x$2777.

This is my gift, purpose, mission and activation and I am here for you! Just send me a DM and we will have a quick chat over messenger or zoom and if we feel we’re a soulmate match then we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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