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If you’re single but you want to be engaged to your dream man by the end of 2023, I am offering my help and magic to you.

Here are the things I help with:

Ditch the dating drama with my proven 3 step filtering method and cultivate a ton of introductions to high quality masculine men so you can take your pick.

Feel, see and understand the masculine by learning how to create energy flow with men, the masculine energy, the spiritual (divine masculine), yourself as a feminine woman, the spiritual (divine feminine) and the optimal harmony and sacred union between the two inside your relationship. I call this Sacred Partnership.

Embody the #1 key factor that creates a HOT and HEALTHY marriage connected on every level for both partners. This comes from my experience working with hundreds of women and helping them get partnered, engaged or married. And it comes from my own time going from a dating disaster attracting narcissistic and effeminate men to being happily married for 13 yrs to my King.

Deeply heal and end forever disempowering patterns from your family of origin and creaste a new model of love, connection and loving family for the next generation.

To qualify for this offer you must be a SINGLE woman ALREADY dating and want to be ENGAGED with the man of your dreams by the end of 2023.

This would be a good fit for you if you really ARE ready for the love of your life but you don’t want to date, don’t know how to date and are just not meeting any quality men.

This is also a great fit for women who are sensitives, empaths, healers and coaches, and who would like to end the pattern of repeatedly finding themselves in unequal and draining relationships where you’re mothering the men you attract and feeling enequal, unseen, unsopported and unmet.

The format is 1-1 calls with me and unlimited e-mail, messenger or voxer support between calls. This is NOT an online program because those don’t give you support, intergration and healing transformation. This is me walking with you hand in hand.

I know this deep dive will save you years of wasted time and heart break;

-and considering this deep dive gives you the skills to avoid the multiple spiritual emotional, physical, mental and financial costs of divorce (which in many cases are well above 25K per person and close to 100K if mediation or children are involved),

-and considering you will have the confidence and skills for relationship strength and health that LASTS

-and considering your work will heal generational patterns between feminine and masculine; I’ve placed a value of 100K on this transformation. This 12 month coaching container is 10K or 12 x 999 USD.

In all cases this work is a game changer and cycle breaker when it comes to love.

By cultivating and exercising your personal power as a sovereign creative divine feminine being, you are literally bringing in the New Earth by the way you live your own life.

If you’re READY for LOVE and you’d like to see if working together might be the guidance and support you’re craving, send me a PM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit.

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