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Invitation to work with me 1 on 1

Invitation to work with me 1 on 1 so you can fall asleep in the arms of your dream man by next year this time (Get Engaged in 2023 Offer):

Invitation to work with me 1 on 1

This is an invitation for single women seriously ready for love and therefore want to be engaged to your dream man ASAP.

You are ready to call in your divine masculine man but you’re sick of dating, don’t want to date, don’t know how to date and just can’t seem to meet any high-quality masculine men.

I am SO confident that if that’s you above, I can help you meet and get engaged to your dream man by the end of 2023, that I decided to do something gutsy, lol.

I am offering you a full 100% money back guarantee!!!! You get engaged by the end of 2023, or your money back!!! Because if I accept you into the program and you don’t get engaged to your dream man by the end of 2023 or sooner, then I didn’t do my job.

Here are the things I help with:

1. Energetically calling the RIGHT man into your sphere of possibility through spiritual practices such as prayer and connection with God/The Divine/The Cosmos/Universal Intelligence

2. Holding your hand as you learn to use online dating platforms for INTRODUCTIONS to high quality masculine men ONLY. This is a proven practical filtering strategy that attracts healthy masculine men but repels effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists. I find very few women that KNOW how to do this consistently and predictably and as a result settle for poor quality connections thinking that’s all that’s possible. But remember: Who you date is who you marry, so date HIGH VALUE from the start.

3. Permanently healing any personal and ancestral wounds that keep you in a paradigm of sacrificing, settling and playing small in love and with the masculine energy. THIS IS A BIGGIE for feminine leaders that keeps them in a cycle of draining and unhealthy relationships.

4. Navigating and maintaining the energy exchange in your relationship in a nourishing flow that lasts because it is hot and fun! VERY FEW FEMININE LEADERS understand and embody this and yet our personal relationship and the level to which we feel supported and met has a huge influence on living a fulfilled, rich life.

5. Partnering as a feminine counterpart of a sacred union and understanding men and masculine energy so that you can feel safe, confident and secure in your relationship & marriage because you’re deeply connected on every level.

This offer is for a 12 months coaching container and it is 10K USD or 12 x $999. It should be much more considering the lifelong transformation it delivers because you will never again be unfulfilled in love. There is nothing like what I am offering that I have seen anywhere online because I not only show you how to ATTRACT the right man but I also show you how to sustain an aligned and fulfilling partnership with your divine counterpart to share a purposeful, joyful and successful life. (And this work has the potential to save you from emotionally, financially and mentally draining detour down divorce lane which in many cases, costs well over 50K)

This is an invitation for FEMININE women only – a sacred doorway for you if you are a highly sensitive person, empath, healer, visionary, artist, entrepreneur, or coach and you know you simply MUST be in FULL alignment with your partner on every level as your sensitivity and mission simply cannot tolerate misalignments any longer in any way.

Stepping onto the path of Sacred Partnership NOW prevents you from attracting and staying with the wrong person and it also empowers you to be able to be the change you wish to see in the world by creating a loving, peaceful and powerful partnership at home.

This offer includes weekly, bi-weekly and monthly private, 1-1 sessions, unlimited access to me via voxer/messenger M-F so you always have me at your beck and call as you are INTEGRATING what we heal and learn. After doing a ton of online courses I believe that’s NOT the way to IMPLEMENT lasting change. You need the support, activation and spiritual guidance of a personal mentor if you’re committed to this kind of love fast.

Ready to say yes? We both take a courageous step – for you because you will be stepping out on a new path and for me because I will be honoring your courage and commitment fully by offering you a 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re ready to apply for one of the 10 spots I just opened today, I invite you to send me a PM and ask about working together. I will respond back with a few questions to see if it’s a fit and if so, I will invite you to book a call with me so we can feel into confirming our connection and having you feel confident of your goals.

My clients meet their match within 3-6 months of working together at a rate of 1-2 PRE-VETTED dates per week, but often MUCH sooner. Some meet their person in as few as 5 weeks and start co-creating their life together within a few months. So that’s why I am willing to offer this guarantee. 😊

BONUS – For the first 3 women that sign up, I will GIVE you for FREE, the “Horses, Hot Springs and Heart Healing” Retreat in late 2023 for FREE! 💪 (I will pay your tuition and even accomodation, but not travel)

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