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Empowering Women: Embrace Men’s Admiration & Find True Love

If you’re feeling hurt or insecure, closed down or disrespected when your man or your date looks at another women, it might be because no one ever pointed out to you that YOU are likely a symbol of the very thing he’s probably admiring in HER.

If we, as women, discourage men from looking at women as a whole and admiring women for their beauty, for their regality, their class, for their composure, for the way they carry themselves; for all the things that men love and notice about us as women (if we take that away from them as in if we make it unsafe for them to have that appreciation of women as a whole) then we also discourage that appreciation for us specifically, because we’re also a woman.

Making it unsafe means making faces if they look at other women, getting angry or irritable when they look at other women, basically communicating (as many women do in our culture) that if he’s looking at another woman while he’s with you, he’s a jerk.

If he’s looking, he’s admiring and he’s marvelling at the creatures that we are, sister, LET HIM.

If he’s searching and tracing curved shapes like ours with his eyes, sister, LET HIM.

For if he’s thirsty and looking for a well to drink at, sister, once he’s shown he is worthy and understands the law of energy exchange, LET HIM drink at yours, if it will please you.

Because what he’s looking for sister, he will find in YOU.

Yes, you’ve got it, the wisdom, the knowledge, the power and the living water that creates life, that’s connected to the eternal.

YOU got that thing that makes a house a home, sis.

The Power of Feminine Energy: Embracing and Celebrating the Female Essence

A guy friend of mine once said: “If I had a pussy, my life would quickly arrange itself into my most preferable state.” LOL

That’s because feminine energy has POWER.

And once you tap into that POWER you can attract, magnetize and most importantly RECEIVE pretty much any miracle.

That power creates confidence.

But that power can’t come alive in vitro, it can’t come alive in a vacuum.

That power becomes activated and enlivened in vivo, in RELATIONSHIP to others, and especially in relationships with healthy masculine men.

It becomes extra potent when you practice.

It becomes useful when you understand that men are responding to women.

As a woman, you can cause, or be the source of, or the creatrix and inspiration of, almost all of your experiences when it comes to men.

Did you know this?

Do you believe me?

Here’s how using our example above….

Beyond Jealousy: Understanding and Welcoming a Man’s Admiration of Women

A woman who has inner confidence about who she is as a female human being doesn’t get hung up on a man’s appreciation of the female form as it exists outside of her.

Instead: She takes his admiration of the feminine as a sign of his potent attraction TO the feminine as it expresses itself in HER (as in, GREAT, he’s not gay!)

She also takes it as something that’s in “her corner” and not something to denigrate, eliminate or fear in him.

She also welcomes it because she’s focused on who she is in her partnership or interaction (aka the QUALITY of her connection to her partner or date).

She’s not focused on performing or perfection and therefore she isn’t competing with other women.

She’s connected to and aware of, her inner uniqueness, preferences, needs and value.

She is no longer trying to be perfect or to be someone else’s version of a “good woman.”

She is wholly devoted to being herself and relating to a male human being AS herself.

Because she knows that for a conscious, true love sacred partnership, she needs to be exactly herself.

Crafting Sacred Partnerships: Moving Towards Authentic Connection and True Love

Because a sacred partnership is crafted and designed by the people in it and not by society or culture, family or friends.

But more on that in a different post.

So the woman above is connected to the fountain of Source, Life and Love inside of her and she doesn’t need to make a man wrong for loving, adoring and admiring women.

Like I said above, if we make him wrong for admiring the feminine as a whole, we make him wrong for admiring the unique specimen of the feminine that lives inside each one of us.

We don’t want that, right?

So just listen. If he’s not gay, he will look at other women.

And that’s a GOOD thing.

Your job is to hold your own feminine frequency.

No one else is YOU.

If you’re someone longing for a deeper, more connected experience with men as you’re dating and looking for your life partner, or if you’re wanting to create a deeper connection with your current partner you’d like to keep, then keep your eyes on my page because I will be sharing EVERYTHING about sacred marriage and how to create it.

Literally Everything.

I am not holding back and I am on Earth for this mission.

It’s the new age and time for a new paradigm for love – Sacred Partnership.

And if you want help becoming a wise and confident woman connected to her feminine power who is capable of creating and sustaining a hot and fulfilling sacred marriage, then send me a PM and ask about my 90-day intensive.

In that private, one-one container, we work on efficient, effective and intentional dating, healing and clearing blocks to being the unique version of the divine feminine only you are here to embody and creating true love by learning to understand men and sacred partnership energetics.

My clients meet their match on an average of only 10 dates over appx 3 months (only 1-2 dates a week because they’re busy changing the world) but in as few as 5 dates.

Gosh, one client got a proposal and a ring from her guy after just one session!

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