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It Doesn’t Take Two to Tango Because Men Respond to Women

NO, it doesn’t take two to tango.

That’s because healthy masculine men RESPOND to women.

Imagine a relationship between two people as represented by a line joining two points.

You are one of the points and your partner is the other. The line is the relationship.

If you move one point, either up, down or further away from the other point, or closer to the other point…. What does that do to the LINE?

The line MOVES.

So no. It doesn’t take two to tango. In a sacred partnership, it takes ONE.

That’s because each ONE is sovereign and IN their power (rather than giving away their power which is how we’re currently taught to do partnership), being fully willing to be responsible for their actions, how they show up and how that affects the relationship.

Sacred union love is a rebellious act. Because sacred union heals you and everyone that is in your field including Mother Gaia.

Now there is a key caveat that I MUST be very clear about and that is this: THIS ONLY WORKS IF you’ve first selected a healthy masculine man.

We are at the dawn of a new age and what’s possible between men and women hasn’t really been possible for a long time.

The galactic and energetic codes for sacred union are coming into our atmosphere and cosmic weather and there are SO MANY that are ready for NEW EARTH LOVE.

And if you’ve got LOVE on your radar for 2024, I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my private 90 day intensive because that usually makes it happen in just 3 months!

That container is an end-to-end journey for dating intentionally so you can meet high quality, healthy masculine men, learning to understand men NOT the way cultural norms depict but the way that they REALLY ARE (which is a compatible and divine counterpart to women).

We also deepen your personal sacred practices so you can partner powerfully for forever love.

Our work together is a combination of deep energy healing, generational healing of your female lineage, your complete love blueprint repatterning and sacred union love activation.

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