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Sacred Union Love : Unveiling the Power of One in Transformative Relationships

It doesn’t take two to tango in love. That’s because healthy masculine men RESPOND to women, to the feminine. Healthy masculine men want to lead, provide for and protect their partner.

It might sound like I am saying that if men respond to women, then it must be women that lead, and not men.

And I want to be very clear.

The Power of One: Transforming Relationships Through Sacred Partnership

A healthy man won’t lead a woman where he knows she doesn’t WANT TO GO.

Healthy men lead, but they’re always checking with us about where and how we want to be led.

Healthy masculine men protect children, women and the elderly.

A healthy man won’t ever want to make a woman uncomfortable, unhappy or unwell.

This is amazing incredible news because that means that sacred partnership is possible just with YOUR actions alone.

It doesn’t take two to Tango when you’re dancing in the synergy of sacred union.

I know, isn’t that crazy?

So counter intuitive but if you’ve been keeping up with my posts you know that sacred partnership busts so many myths about love and it’s truly the foundation of New Earth 5D love.

I am speaking from my experience being in a sacred partnership love marriage and some other sacred partnerships like business and friends as well and those of my clients.

Let me break it down even further.

Imagine a relationship between two people as represented by a line joining two points.

You are one of the points and your partner is the other.

The line is the relationship.

And imagine this line exists in a 3-dimensional space.

Like those graphs we did in high school calculus.

If you move one point, either up, down or further away from the other point, or closer to the other point…. What does that do to the LINE?

The line MOVES.

AKA The RELATIONSHIP is changed when either PARTNER changes.

It either stretches, shortens, or changes its location in 3-dimensional space, depending on how the points move.

So if you move YOUR point, the whole LINE moves.

AKA if YOU change, your whole RELATIONSHIP changes!

So no. It doesn’t take two to tango.

In a sacred partnership, it takes ONE.



Because YOU have creative power.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Sacred Union: A Journey to New Earth Love

That’s because each ONE is sovereign and IN their power (rather than giving away their power which is how we’re currently taught to do partnership) being fully willing to be responsible for their actions, how they show up and how that affects the relationship.

You have the power to create the relationship you most desire.

YOU have the power to influence healthy men to provide the things you most long for.

You have the power to bring your dreams in love to reality.

You have the power to bring out the best in men.

You also have the power to bring out the BEAST.

And ooh boy does the mainstream secular narrative teach us women EXCACTLY how; so that the gender wars are kept raging, the wounds of war kept bleeding.

BEAST or BEST, you choose by where you place yourself in space and which RESPONSE you cause in a man.

Sacred union love is a rebellious act.

Because sacred union heals you and everyone that is in your field including Mother Gaia.

Somebody doesn’t want you that powerful.

I wonder who, I wonder why.

Tell me in the comments LOL )

Navigating Love’s Dimensions: The Sovereign Influence of Sacred Union

Now there is a key caveat that I MUST be very clear about and that is this: THIS ONLY WORKS IF you’ve first selected a healthy masculine man.

If you’re not with a healthy masculine man or you’re with an effeminate man, you won’t experience this.

When I was first learning these energy dynamics of masculine and feminine, I tested out this responding idea on many of the men in my life.

I noticed that healthy masculine men ALWAYS responded to try and provide what they thought was my comfort and happiness.

Unhealthy men didn’t.

They didn’t notice my needs.

They fought me on my boundaries.

They were worried about THEIR needs, fairness, equality.

I noticed that effeminate men in general didn’t pay attention the same way.

One dear gay guy friend got frustrated and was like, “I don’t like the ball is in my court feeling.” LOL exactly!!!!!

But a masculine man WANTS to have the ball in his court, this is how you let him lead, this is how you allow him to respond to you.

A healthy masculine man will never hit the ball to intentionally hurt you because he protects you.

An unhealthy man MAY hit the ball to hurt you.

An effeminate man won’t want to hit the ball, LOL, he will want you to take charge.

We are at the dawn of a new age and what’s possible between men and women hasn’t really been possible for several generations back

(I think it was possible before that, as in the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Temple Priestess Matriarchies).

The galactic and energetic codes for sacred union are coming into our atmosphere and cosmic weather and there are SO MANY that are ready for NEW EARTH LOVE.

That container is an end-to-end journey for dating intentionally so you can meet high-quality, healthy masculine men, learning to understand men NOT the way cultural norms depict but the way that they REALLY ARE (which is a compatible and divine counterpart to women).

We also deepen your personal sacred practices by learning to understand yourself as a feminine powerhouse who GETS to have the support and care of a masculine man and understanding how to partner powerfully for forever love.

Our work together is a combination of deep energy and reiki healing, generational healing of your female lineage, your complete love blueprint repatterning and sacred union love activation.


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