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Risking it All Again in LOVE But Safely This Time – Because You will be in a Sacred Union with a Healthy Masculine Energy Man

Inconvenient but essential truth: If you want REAL love, YES you WILL need to risk everything again. But you don’t have to risk willy-nilly, to strangers, or unhealthy and unsafe men. You will be risking it, but you will be safe because you will be with a Healthy Masculine Energy Man.

There is a part in every new relationship when things don’t go smoothly and it’s because you’re finally able to see that to have the truly fulfilling sacred love you desire, you have to REALLY LET HIM IN.

If you’re like most strong, independent ambitions women, you will resist that. You will fight it. It will be worse than cold wet fish – the last thing you want to feel LOL.

You’d rather skip along and pretend all is well and the love that you dream of isn’t going to require ALL of you – even the parts you hide and are afraid of. And even ashamed of.

But I am here to tell you the love you dream about is going to require ALL of you.

But secretly, you WANT it to require all of you. You wouldn’t be happy with anything less. Because you also want ALL of him. You want ALL of a Healthy Masculine Energy Man.

ALL of you and ALL of him. YES.

And that’s the most powerful thing you can do – is give ALL of yourself to it.

We’ve all been hurt by life, by previous lovers, by family, friends that we trusted and depended on.

Then we had to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and survive.

But you know what the bravest thing you can do is?

It’s to STILL find a way to really open your heart and LET HIM IN regardless of the past.

I am not saying let just ANYONE in.

I am saying let a vetted, healthy, high quality masculine man in – that is SAFE. If you don’t know how to meet those or pick those, follow me that’s what I talk about all day every day LOL.

What is SAFE, is another post all together, but it’s a man who keeps his word, is very careful with criticism, thoughtful about his actions, and aligned with his healthy masculine energy.

The point of this post is to tell you that, YES, if you want REAL love, YES you WILL need to risk everything again.

Yes. I know I took a deep breath just writing that LOL.

But you don’t have to risk willy nilly, to strangers and unhealthy and unsafe people.

THIS is the KEY. This is the road less traveled by that makes ALL the difference.

If you’re seeing someone special and little by little, he makes his way into your heart, you WILL feel vulnerable, scared shitless (as you SHOULD) and you might try to shut it down by diminishing your feelings, telling yourself you’re being cranky or too emotional, etc, etc.

But this is THE doorway to REAL love for the first time, or… again.

It’s this feeling WHEN you know you’re in knee deep.

If you follow me, you’re a woman who wants to be really fully ALIVE as herself and have a sacred union with her divine counterpart for LIFE.

But like most humans, you have wounds to heal that will come up here right at this inconvenient juncture, LOL, like they do for all of us.

You WILL be KNEE DEEP. Cause if you weren’t you wouldn’t WANT it.

BUT, dear divine feminine woman, you will be SAFE.

Because you will have carefully chosen a man who HAS GOT YOU when you arrive here, if you date the way I teach you and especially if you work with me.

You are going to have to do the inner work, embrace your vulnerability and LET HIM IN or you are NOT going to create sacred union.

If you want help with this, the first step would be to follow me and if you want 1-1 support, I offer that in my 90 day intensive.

In that intensive we work on understanding healthy masculine energy and discerning for that energy when dating, learning about masculine and feminine energetics and how they flow in a healthy sacred union and healing anything that’s in the way, so you can create that!

My clients meet their dream man and lay the foundation for sacred union in just 3 months at a rate of 1-2 carefully selected dates per week, you can too!

Send me a DM if you’re interested and I will respond back with a few questions to see if we feel like a fit and if so, we can get started right away!

Love, Emilia

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