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Let Sacred Marriage be Your Sacred Rebellion

“You’re so lucky to have your husband,” women tell me all the time, when they see the relationship we share.

And yes, I am SOOO blessed. AND they don’t know what I did to get here. I want to share a little bit about that with you.

I remember this one emotional day…I cried and my husband smiled.

My husband isn’t someone who buys lavish gifts or remembers special occasions but to be honest that doesn’t bother me that much because I squirm anytime there are expectations around a holiday.

I prefer to just celebrate ordinary days, in ordinary ways. He seems to just get that superfluous gifts and celebrations don’t matter that much to me.

And he has the ability to see when something means the world to me and show up and contribute in the biggest possible way, THERE.

When we moved to Hungary, I started going to a horse ranch because when I was little I would always cry when the horses got hurt in the wear movies without any concern for the humans – LOL

It was nourishing me in such a deep way and I started to feel a spiritual connection to the Equine kingdom. I felt that the Equine kingdom was giving me a big gift and that an even bigger gift was coming.

And I needed to really OPEN to RECEIVE, like I teach my clients on the journey of receiving the miracle of LOVE.

I contacted my animal communicator and I asked her if there was a horse that was mine.

The horse Goddess came and said yes, that I would meet my horse soon.

Now mind you my hubby is NOT a woo woo guy. He’s a very practical on the ground guy and that’s what I love about him because he grounds me when I go flying in the realms.

But the important thing is that even though he’s not a woo woo guy, he doesn’t discount my very woo woo and completely illogical experiences.

I started on my horse girl journey and my husband called on horses for me, made horse appointments for me to meet various horses and drove me across the country multiple times to meet several horses.

When we found my special horse, he negotiated with the seller for me.

When she came home and I was learning to train her and fell off MORE than once, he drove me to the hospital (I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for him) but he never ONCE told me to quit.

The truth is, I’ve never in my life had love like this.

But I CHOSE this. It didn’t just “happen.”

I was the daughter of 22 year old PhD students in communist Bulgaria.

I spent the first years of my life sharing the single room of my parents’ cockroach-infested student dorm. I wasn’t unwated, or wanted, I just came along. Other babies were aborted, for some reason I was not.

And I don’t write too much about myself personally because believe it or not I am kind of an introvert.

But today I wanted to share with you what I consider is my biggest success: Going from a deprivation of love in all its forms by attracting wounded and emotionally abusive men like my father and creating the unhealthy dynamic that he had with my mother – to attracting and connecting with healthy men – until eventually I met my husband.

I broke a generational cycle.

I am leaving a legacy.

My daughter is growing up as the dream daughter of parents in a Sacred Union Marriage.

Back to the husband I CHOSE……He fully supported me in something that meant the world to me.

He also ordered a hand made brand new saddle for me and coordinated with the craftsman his comings and goings to measure my horse as well as the payments.

NO ONE has loved me this much before. I grew up in a family where I wasn’t allowed to have needs.

NO ONE has SEEN me this deeply before, even though he’s not WOO WOO and I am the definition of WOO WOO LOL. I grew up as an artistic, creative and sensitive child but I had to be a warrior to survive.

NO one has shown me this much love, tenderness, honor and respect and care. I had to warrior up growing up emigrating from country to country, learning 4 languages, losing family, home, friends.

NO one has made me feel this special before. I was just a child that my parents had along the way, not an intentional creation or a desired being.

I know this is true for many of us which is why I am SO passionate about this work I do – Sacred Unions are the way to break that cycle forever as we head into New Earth.

And yes, you do get to CHOOSE!

I vowed to create my life differently.

I wanted my daughter to love being a daughter – to know she was deeply cherished and wanted – desired from the bottom of our hearts.

I tell her she is my dream daughter. This is my act of sacred rebellion.

I came from a home where being a daughter was a difficult and arduous journey deprived of emotional guidance, nurturing and love.

So that’s why I cried in the car yesterday, on our way to the barn where I board my horse.

My husband is the rock of my sacred rebellion.

I was thanking him from the bottom of my heart.

But he didn’t look at it as a big deal, LOL.

He was a little surprised I got so emotional.

He didn’t say much but when we got home, he wanted to fix my bike and do work around the house.

He wanted to contribute MORE.

So even though men’s love is ACTIVE and women’s love is PROFESSIVE, he still heard my words, they fueled him with appreciation and my receptivity had him wanting to provide even more.

THIS is the miracle of sacred partnership. This is the miracle of a healthy masculine man partnered with a feminine woman. This is the miracle of understanding the energetics of sacred union.

It’s deeply personal, because I came from NOT that. I came from what therapists would call emotionally immature parents at least and narcissits at most. But I broke the cycle.

If you’re dreaming about this kind of love then I invite you to hang out with me, read my posts, say hi and even send me a DM if you want my help!

I offer that in a 90 day 1-1 intensive where we work on healing, dating and partnering so you can attract your dream man and create a foundation for forever love. Send me a DM, say hi and let’s chat!

I look forward to connecting with you! Emilia 🙂

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