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Love in 5D New Earth

Love in 5D New Earth is a whole other world than what we thought we knew about love. I truly believe that we’re all seeking new ways of relating in our romantic partnerships – ways that work in sync with the modern world of awakening spiritual missions, blended families and heart-centered entrepreneurialism.

Many spiritual successful women are seeking guidance and answers for sacred partnership with men. Consciousness is calling us to new levels of connection, collaboration and co-creation. And I’ve got a few myths to bust to help anchor this energy on Planet Earth.

So let’s start here. It’s not the “North American Woman” that will save the world, as the Dali Lama said.

It’s Sacred Partnership between women in their power and men in THEIR power that will save the world.

Save the world means, it will take Sacred Partnership to usher in the Golden age.

It is not up to women alone because women have always been powerful and men have always fought and died for their Queens.

And no, women and men are not the same. It’s shown in research after research how different our brains and instincts are. It’s love-life success “suicide” to deny that (just as we came here to have a spiritual experience in human bodies), we didn’t consciously choose the quality or polarity of this spiritual experience by selecting either a male or female body.

I believe we choose male and female bodies for a special reason. But it’s not a complicated reason. We chose female human bodies if we wanted to have a woman’s experience and we chose male human bodies if we wanted to have a man’s experience. For the most part, it’s that simple. I am speaking to generality, not the alternative expressions.

A female human experience is influenced by the female human body in many innate ways such as brain development, hormones such as estrogen impacting brain development and other hormones such as oxytocin acting in female estrogen-based bodies differently and for longer periods of time than it acts in male testosterone-based bodies. (Just a science geek fact; oxytocin breaks down in a male body before apx age 50 in 1-3 days. The same amount of oxytocin takes anywhere from 16-21 days to break down in an estrogen-based female body prior to menopause).

This means that men and women act differently as these hormones influence us tremendously. I could give you many examples of how this plays out. Here is one: sex. After orgasm, women will stay chemically bonded to a man much longer than a man will stay chemically bonded to a woman simply due to the biochemistry above. Women often berate themselves internally for this, chiding themselves for not being independent enough, being needy or being possessive. But it’s not logical, it’s biological.

There are plenty of cultural, social, and modern factors that do influence who we become as men/women. But there are some innate biological factors that inform our human experience because our soul is in one gender of a body.

This allows us to have a sacred, tantric bond that is one of the empowering, enlivening and spiritually sustaining practices of sacred marriage.

Sacred Marriage is New Earth’s Love Blueprint.

The simple truth is that the Divine Feminine can’t rise without the warriors who go first, the guardians who rise up to protect her, the supporters who stand with her in the fire of transformation. Without the warriors, creating a sacred ring of protection around her, she can’t rise on her own strength.

The truly enlightened Divine Feminine knows how to receive from the Divine Masculine and bring out the very best in him by honoring his nature.

She doesn’t disown her own human feminine nature and therefore she does not disown his power.

She welcomes it and receives it and uses it in the holy mission of her sacred work. And he’s there and he’s got her back for that purpose and together they create a synergy of galaxies.

And yes, you CAN have this in human form. I do. My clients do.

Start by understanding and calling in these three ways Sacred Partnership is a new paradigm.

1. Both partners realize that the relationship has a greater purpose than just the two of them alone – and for the relationship to truly thrive and create synergy, each person must be in his/her sovereign power.

2. Both partners are as committed to being in their own power as much as they are committed to their partner being in THEIR power. This is the complete and forever end of sacrificing, settling, and playing small on both sides. No empowered partner wants their partner to do ANY of these because doing these or allowing your partner to do these (out of habit, programming, a moment of weakness or unconsciousness) will destroy the synergy of the partnership.

3. Both partners understand, even if just intuitively, that for the relationship to last synergistically there must be ENERGY flow. Without energy flow from masculine to feminine and back there is no sacred marriage. Without energy flow and without the feminine being receptive to all the gifts of the masculine, there is no relationship. There is no more playing at earning, deserving, compensating and bargaining.

There is abundant giving and receiving instead.

If you’re ready to attract sacred partnership into your life, just send me a PM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if you’re a good fit for my Engaged in 2023 Private Program open now until Jan 31st, 2023.

In that year long container, we work 1-1 together on 3 main areas for calling in sacred marriage; healing wounds and old programming, dating discerningly for high-quality masculine men and partnering powerfully for fulfilling lasting love.

My clients meet their match in as few as 3 dates, 5 dates or 10 dates but the average is apx 3-6 months at 1-2 dates per week. They start building their life and walking hand in hand towards engagement, and so can you! By the end of 2023, YES!

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