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Love with a man who really sees you, really gets you…

Love with a man who really sees you, really gets you, and can really meet you on all levels, won’t happen organically.


It will happen intentionally.

You’ve succeeded in so many things, you just expect to succeed in love.

That it will happen organically.

But at the years roll on, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s, early 40s, you start to become disgusted, rough around the edges, jaded, dejected, hopeless, resigned.

The Power of Perspective: Shifting Mindsetse

It will happen organically, you insist to yourself. I am not going to force it. I don’t need help in this area, because what would needing help in this area mean, that I truly am unlovable and now I have to go to a coach to get lovable? No thanks. I prefer to just think I am already lovable and that love will happen organically.

Our mind creates our reality. And if our mind can’t conceive it, our manifesting power can’t achieve it.

That’s why daring to dream is such a rebellious, creative act.

And the more time I spend as a coach, and the more time I get help from other coaches to work on my own self-imposed limitations (such as I can’t lose weight, for example) the more I realize that life truly does happen in the mind.

The minute our perspective changes, our world changes.

What would it take to not be married to our perspective?

What would it take to be willing to hop into another perspective?

Well, you’d literally jump timelines and realities.

And that’s the whole point of perspective.

It’s how the Divine re-creates and re-discovers Itself through us and our perspective as sparks of God.

If we don’t change our perspective, we won’t shift.

So what does it take to change a perspective?

Managing our mind set and mental game IS the pathway to results.

Embracing Quantum Speed Shifts Towards Real Love

Because most of us actually KNOW what action to take.

It’s not that we DON’T Know.

It’s that we often can’t sustainably take the actions we know we should take due to our mindset!!!!

For example, if deep down we believe that love is a burden, or that love is scary or that love cages us or isn’t safe in some way, or even that love is a sacrifice…

Or we’re worried we will make the wrong choice of partner…

Or we’re worried we will stay with the wrong person, discounting ourselves and our intuition…

Then why would ANYONE want love?

Why would ANYONE go out to date?

Why would ANYONE even try?

No, we’d coil up in our homes, comfortable, single and safely coddled in our perspective.

We might secretly, deep deep down yearn for love, but we’ve become totally comfortable without it.

We get really good at being on our own. Really proficient, Really strong. Man

And we roar in our self-proclaimed glorious single-dom about how fantastic it is!

But deep down beneath the surface there is a tender small voice of longing.

Pushing up through the frosty soil like fresh flowers in spring through our hardened, snowy jaded heart.

A hunger to receive lavish love from a man who really saw me, really got me, and could meet me on all levels.

A longing to surrender my heart and body to a man who’d cherish it, protect it and serve it with his heart.

We absolutely can shift at quantum speed when we make a decision to close the door to the part of us that’s been convincing us that our deep desires aren’t possible for us.

That we don’t really want it that much.

That it doesn’t really matter.

Want help with this? Send me a DM.

This is just one of the shifts I help you make on your way to REAL Love with the RIGHT man.

My clients meet their match in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of only 1-2 dates per week. Pls note these dates are NOT random, they are with men screened through my RIGHT Guy checklist which you can get for FREE here

And my overachievers get there in as few as 5-10 dates….you can too!

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