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Masculine women are survivors

Masculine women are survivors.

They were built, not born.

They were conditioned through hardship, not evolved through their nature.

They are constantly





And doing it all by themselves.

They are constantly




When a woman leads with strength, she is brittle.

When a woman leads with resilience, she is soft and flexible.

Masculine women are strong and breakable.

Feminine women leave the space of protection vacant and the Divine Masculine ALWAYS steps into that position for her, including in physical form.

Because they have nothing to protect and defend, they are free to BE (THE FEMININE SUPERPOWER) themselves. IN SO BEING, their innocence, vulnerability, and radiance inspire protection and TENDERNESS.

No one mishandles a feminine woman.

A feminine woman doesn’t stay where she is mishandled and rage war.

They go where they can remain soft.

Feminine women know they are precious and so universal law summons those who will handle her accordingly.

Katie Onyekere – The Aura Alchemist

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