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Meet High Quality Men With My System

Where do I meet high-quality men?  Which city? Which venue??  Which app? 

Answer:  High-quality men are on EVERY app. You need a method of how to TELL which man is high quality and which man isn’t. ASAP. And I have that system!

One client in her mid 40s recently met her guy on Match in NY on her 2nd date following my method!

One client lives in a small Canadian town and because she’s almost 60, she was worried that there wouldn’t be much selection, but the minute we got online she was flooded with so much interest she didn’t know what to do with herself. She met her guy on the 3rd date following my method!

One client in her late 20s living in Orange County went online and met her guy on the 4th date following my method. Now they are married very happily and have a son.

You NEED to have effective SORTING tools that will filter out the players, effeminate men and narcissists so that your introductions are with men that are masculine, healthy and ready. 

I have that method.

The filtering method I teach is very simple and you can use it to select for high quality men regardless of where the introduction comes from.

The introduction can come from an online dating app such as match, bumble, hinge, zoosk; it can come from a friend, or it can happen organically at a sports bar you happened to be at for your friend’s husband’s b-day bash.

Once you have a TON of introductions coming in because you’re “findable” and approachable on apps AND in person, you can be in an abundance mindset and just lean back and let the men show you who they are. This is Abundance dating!!!!!!!

There are going to be men that are playing. There are going to be men that are seriously looking for their partner. There are going to be men you like. And men that bring up stuff that needs to be healed in order for you to be fully in your power and co-creating with your partner, once you meet him.

I teach you the EXACT filtering method I step by step in my upcoming Everything Dating Program now open for enrollment.

If you’re interested in getting my help with implementing this absolute game-changing approach to soulmate attraction, I invite you to send me a PM and ask about the program or go to

In that program, we work together on dating in a fun and nurturing manner. This is all while having bad ass boundaries and learning to understand men, the masculine and feminine polarity and how to create sacred union so that the energy in the relationship circulates in a healthy and nourishing manner forever. You could still wake up next to your man in 2024!!!

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