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Miracles Like True LOVE Require REST

I can’t say enough about the importance of resting and relaxing when working to manifest miracles such as the miracle of sacred partnership love or any other miracles.

Resting and relaxing IS the energy that attracts miracles.

We cannot create miracles out of fear, anxiety, pressure or scarcity. I tried, you probably have, too.

Manifestation mentors and Love Coaches tell you that you have to love yourself first.

But that isn’t the whole picture.

You can love yourself, but if there isn’t a capacity for receptivity you still won’t attract miracles like sacred partnership 5D love.

I often forget this in my own life and tense up when I set my sights on a big dream and make it a goal.

Tensing up squelches our life force and creative power and shrinks or receiving capacity.

The solution is to work on expanding our container to receive rather than giving ourselves more love.

If we have a goal that feels big, we’re just wanting to receive more than we’ve ever received in a certain domain.


Expanding Our Receptive Capacity: Beyond Self-Love

The solution is to work on expanding our container to receive rather than giving ourselves more love.

If we have a goal that feels big, we’re just wanting to receive more than we’ve ever received in a certain domain.

Loving ourselves is the masculine support we need within but we also need feminine receptive capacity, especially if we want to create synergy with an empowered masculine man.

Expanding our container to receive is like clearing out the closet.

We don’t do that by loving our closet more.

We do it by being courageous enough to let go of things we no longer feel serve our highest good.

What’s in your closet, clogging up our connection to source and miracles?

Three Transformative Shifts to Unlock Miraculous Receptivity

I’ve found that the majority of “energetic things” that clog up our closet/receiving container come from just 3 main areas and our ability to receive can be restored applying these 3 shifts: 

1. Strengthening our worthiness through forgiveness practice (when we believe we don’t deserve something it’s usually tied to subconscious equating of all the good we’ve done +/- all the harm we perceive we’ve done).

Because so many of us are honorable people, we often hold ourselves accountable for any harm we’ve done as unforgivable.

This creates a sense of shame, that once courageously faced, restores freedom and power, expanding our ability to receive.

2. Releasing low-frequency/heavy/dense emotions or beliefs through emotion and energy healing practices such as Sedona Method.

We often create resistance to miracles by holding on to concepts, thoughts, feeling, beliefs, sensations, labels, stories, judgements, and conclusions that clog up our ability to receive because they take up energetic space.

Sometimes by our very desire to fix or change something, we can tense up with resistance and resolve.

Therefore, we must also release the desire to fix, change, get rid of, or escape something we find undesirable.

Sometimes we become so attached to our idea of what’s beyond the thing that we’re trying to change that we forget to relax and just release the things that don’t serve.

There’s nothing better I’ve found than Sedona Method to allow these mechanizations of the mind to resolve to peace.

When we are at peace and rest, we can receive miracles.

3. Providing Compassion for wounds that we did not cause nor could we have prevented (things we experience as being done to us).

Our subconscious mind is a powerful survival force working tirelessly to protect us by cataloging what has and can go wrong.

When we allow ourselves to receive compassion for the experiences (that we couldn’t control) that have caused us pain, the subconscious mind can finally give up its perfectly valid hypervigilance and relax.

Manifesting Miracles: Real-Life Outcomes of Embracing Receptivity

These are the main three shifts I implement with my clients in my 1-1 intensive to create space for all kinds of miracles such as a dream job, a dream place to live, a dream relationship (I haven’t used it to create a dream body yet – I am working on that one myself!) and many other miracles small and large.

It’s the exact steps I took to manifest 50K ++ in just under 3 months (amplified by essential oils), our move to a small town in Europe where we wanted to live and our dream home and I’ve got my sacred loves by my side (hubby and daughter).

If you want help in applying these in your life to create miracles (I’m referring to the miracle of sacred partnership love because that’s my mission on the planet and am an expert in – but you will create many more miracles in the process), just send me a DM and we’ll have a quick chat over email to see if my 3 month 1-1 intensive is a good fit.

Every peaceful partnership is a foundation for a more peaceful world and if you’re a single successful woman ready to create lasting fulfilling love in your life, I’d love to help!


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