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Money and Masculine Provision for the Multipassionate Feminine Leader

Polarity teachings tell us that the Masculine should provide financially for the Feminine. How does this apply to Feminine Leaders who are financially very successful but still want to be in a classical polarized relationship?

A male polarity teacher insists that the man should handle ALL the finances in the household, including making and managing the money – otherwise it masculinizes his woman.

And I think that is beautiful provision and it absolutely CAN be true, especially if we’re in survival mode.

But what if we’re in abundance mode? As in we’re co-creating and thriving, not just surviving?

Saying the man should ALWAYS do the financial part and provide & manage all the money to me is as dogmatic as religion saying that if you don’t do something how they think you should, you’re going to hell. It’s on the level of survival, not thrival. The level of fear, not love.

When you’re thriving, it’s not actually about WHO makes the money. It’s about the ENERGY of PROVISION.

Because MONEY is just ONE form of provision. And money matters more when you’re surviving and matters less when you’re thriving.

And it might be confusing because I am always saying, don’t go for a 50/50 man and if a man doesn’t pay on the first date, that means he doesn’t want to be a provider.

And both things are 100% true!

Because we’re talking about ENERGY, not things.

Paying on the first date is an ENERGY.

Courting you and providing for you is an ENERGY.

It’s healthy masculine energy.

ONE of the ways healthy masculine men can provide, is financially.

But that’s just ONE of the ways. It’s important if we’re living a survival lifestyle, but becomes irrelevant in a thriving lifestyle.

It’s an obvious way to tell if he’s GOT healthy masculine energy if he WANTS to provide by paying for the first date.

But that’s NOT the only way – just the most OBVIOUS way. And also the quickest way, if you’re getting to know a new man.

But if you’ve dated the way I teach you, you will already KNOW that he’s a masculine energy person by the time you get on a date with him because you will have ALLOWED HIM to generate the connection.

In which case you’re on a date with him BECAUSE he generated the connection and offered the interaction (date).

In which case, it’s normal, usual and foreseeable that he’d WANT to pay on the first date, as an extension of his masculine, provider energy.

What he wants in return is not compensation like sex or renumeration like half the bill in cash or “you got dinner, let me get desert.” All he wants is appreciation. Genuine, soft receptivity and appreciation. In other words, feminine energy.

I often say that men will gladly pay just to be in the presence of a truly feminine woman.

If the man above ends up on a date with the woman he’s pursued and offered a date to, because she allowed him the opening to, he will almost never NOT want to continue providing/generating/sustaining by then also PAYING for the date.

Why? Because it’s WORKING for him, energetically because he’s a healthy masculine man!!! And she’s appreciating and reciprocating!

It’s WORKING. And if she is a feminine woman, it’s going to work for her too!

And if that energy keeps being nourished by the two of them – it will lead to engagement, marriage and family and that will WORK, too!

That’s why I always teach you dating with the energetics FIRST.

So let’s say you marry this man, like I did, LOL.

And the energy is flowing in a way that allows him to provide and you to receive in the marriage 14 yrs later.

Like let’s say the money is easily and effortlessly flowing into your marriage THROUGH technically YOU but it’s actually coming BECAUSE of his provision? BECAUSE of his support with the kids, house, dreams, life?

Then he’s STILL the provider. The foundation. The Rock.

He’s still the PROVIDER because he’s providing the possibility for that to occur in the first place.

Money is NOT the only form of provision, just the most obvious one. And the kind the world can SEE.

But there are many more KINDS of provision than money. And a lot of those forms of provision, you CAN’T necessarily SEE.

Money is a KIND of provision.

A RESULT of provision energy.

It’s an OUTCOME of healthy masculine energy.

It’s a product, effect or consequence of a healthy masculine man.

But it’s NOT about the money.

It’s about the ENERGY.

What other things can the masculine provide?
-gifts, gifts gifts like he loaded the dishwasher, he fed the cats, he fixed the plumbing, he drove you to your doctor’s appointment, he took care of the kids, he put away the groceries, he helps you in your dreams, he comes with you to be your companion in whatever way you need him, he listens to you, he protects you, he is your ROCK, he’s got your back.

Provision isn’t always money.

Money is just the most COMMON and the most VISIBLE, but we’re moving out of that paradigm as we move into abundance, creation and serving with our gifts in NEW EARTH.

So sacred unions in NEW EARTH won’t be about who’s making the MONEY! It won’t matter. It will be about the ENERGY FLOW!

When money stops being the survival energy, it’s just ONE of the forms of abundance your man provides.

Now not ALL men will be OK with this “new paradigm,” but almost ALL healthy masculine men that are ATTUNED enough, FLEXIBLE enough and SECURE enough WILL be HONORED to!

And why healthy masculine men absolutely abhor being treated like a wallet by some women. They have so much more to give than money!

The point is, if the money is what was needed, he’d provide that too.

Because he’s a PROVIDER, a healthy masculine man.

He’s not a 50/50 man about money and he’s not going to be 50/50 about anything else, either. That’s what is the MOST important.

Bottom line: A healthy masculine man will provide what you NEED.

If it’s money, he will provide it. And if it’s something else, he will provide that, too, if he can!!!!

That’s it, that’s all, the END.

I know this is a new concept to a lot of women and to how we think about money, PROVISION and healthy relationships with Feminine and Masculine.

But we’re coming OUT of that paradigm that is based in scarcity.

And if you don’t have scarcity of money then why would it matter WHAT he provides, as long as he is the generative, masculine energy and you get to be the feminine?

Money becomes a moot point. Irrelevant.

New Earth is a whole other paradigm.

If you want help creating a sacred union that works for YOU and YOUR masculine man, my DMs are open! I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my 90 day intensive to meet your DREAM man!

Love, Emilia

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