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Most Common problems women have with men in love

Most common problems women have with men and how to solve them.

Problem 1: You don’t understand men.


Solution: I send you to Alison Armstrong’s understanding men online course and then I help you integrate and apply the information you learn in your relationships with men as you date, select a partner and then partner with me guiding you every step.

Problem 2: You don’t know how to date for quality men so you just settle for the men around you, the men showing interest or the man you slept with not knowing what to LOOK for and how to QUALIFY him as a potential partner.

Solution: I teach your how to use online dating platforms to procure multiple introductions to high quality, healthy masculine men who want a committed relationship (How to pick the RIGHT guy Checklist I teach you what to look for that will connect you to the RIGHT man (10 signs of a Healthy man PDF is the 3rd email you will get when you sign up for the Right Guy Checklist) and keep you from wasting time on men that are unhealthy or not ready or both.

Problem 3: You don’t understand that your past wounds in relationships in general and with men in particular cause you to play it safe and not really show your full self and you thus attract people who aren’t a match for your because a part of you is hiding and you’re not really being authentic and vulnerable, and this is normal but not helpful.

Solution: I help your identify and heal ALL the deep wounds that are causing you to not play full out in your dating endeavors so that you can date and meet healthy masculine men as ALL of yourself so that you can create a lasting and fulfilling relationship AS yourself, not by playing a role.

Problem 4: You don’t know how to APPLY the dating strategy I am teaching you or you’ve tried to applied it and failed

Solution: I hold your hand and help your implement the dating strategy that is proven to work by getting on zoom calls with you and going through all your online dating platform responses, helping you respond and learn the energy exchange that’s healthy and sustainable for a masculine man and a feminine woman

Problem 5: You don’t know what to wear, how to present yourself on dates, you think you have to flirt but you feel you don’t know how

Solution: I give your examples of what to wear on dates and help your put together some dating outfits that you feel feminine and comfortable in that are classy and not too revealing. I teach you about authentic flirting and connecting with the masculine in a healthy and genuine way.

Problem 6: You have unhelpful and unrealistic beliefs about relationships and love

Solution: I teach you about the nourishing energy flow that must take place between the masculine and feminine in order for a relationship to be hot, sustainable and fulfilling. I help you identify where you might be stuck and heal it. I don’t know anyone else who teaches this.

Problem 7: You have unexamined needs and expectations of your partner or future partner and you don’t know how to be vulnerable and ask for what you TRULY need and then receive it when he gives it, maybe not in the way you expected it.

Solution: I teach your how to word your requests and how to communicate in a feminine way that inspires the masculine to provide

Problem 8: You don’t know how to communicate with the masculine in order to get what you want and you nag instead, making things worse.

Solution: I teach your how to communicate with the masculine in a way that gives him the information he needs to make the necessary changes you’re requesting. I help your honor your needs and yourself while at the same time communicating lovingly, respectfully and most importantly, EFFECTIVELY with a masculine person you’re interested in or is in a relationship with.

And I just want to add that I’ve never worked with a client who didn’t need help in at least ONE of these areas. Most clients need help in ALL of these areas.women

Send me a DM on facebook and I am happy to read from you if you know you need help in these areas. I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together in my 90 day 1-1 intensive and if so, we can get started right away and you can be falling asleep next to your person by this time next year.

My single clients meet their sacred partner in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week procured through my strategy. Engagements average within about 12 months. women women women

My clients in partnerships create sacred union by practising an understanding of the masculine and feminine and learning how to communicate and listen effectively.

Every healthy, peaceful and loving family is a foundation for a more healthy and peaceful and loving world.

Having the relationship you dream of is true social, cultural and spiritual activism.

That’s why I do this and that’s why I am here. I practise what I teach you every day in my own sacred marriage of 13 yrs and I constantly hear of the incredible deep connections and successes in love that my clients enjoy, using my teachings!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love, Emilia

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