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No, she didn’t just get lucky, she WORKED for love.

I recently watched a TikTok video of a happily married woman who declared that no, she didn’t fall in love, she ACHIEVED it. No, she didn’t just get lucky, she WORKED for it.

No, she didn’t just haphazardly happen on a great marriage, she BUILT it. She went about it the same way she did her business; job applications, interviews. She put in effort.

And I silently sent her the “YES! Avatar emoji.”

Because that’s exactly my personal experience marrying my love and the experience of my clients; a sacred partnership love marriage doesn’t happen by accident.

It is intentionally created, by design.

I want to give you the elements needed to go from single and dreadfully dating to happily married to your cosmic masculine counterpart.

Here they are: Dating intentionally, understanding men and partnership and inner healing.

Dating intentionally means dating with focus, intention, clarity, strategy, feminine energy and receptivity.

Focus means you’re weeding out the time-wasters confidently and quickly, intention means you’re making time in your life to date (I recommend 1 to 2 QUALIFIED dates per week).

Clarity means you’re clear WHY you’re dating, you’re not just doing it for sport, validation or boredom; you’re using it as an opportunity to learn about men, about yourself while you make yourself “easily findable” for your guy.

Strategy means a way to weed out the time wasters and low-quality riff raff which is something I created when I was dating before I met my husband. Just a note here that I dated for 10 years, over 500 hundred dates, I studied men and I tested my understanding of men “in the field” and now I thank God I had the courage and strength to do it because I broke the cycle of settling, sacrificing, playing small, narcissistic abuse and unfulfilling love in my life using this framework. And now I am blessed to help others do the same. lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky

Feminine energy means that you’re aware that if you’re a feminine woman looking for a masculine counterpart there is a certain “polarity” that needs to happen for energy to flow between the two of you. The importance of this ONE thing CANNOT be understated if you’re looking to design a sustainable loving conscious partnership.

Many of us think of polarity as attraction, but it’s actually more than that; it’s connection, chemistry, communication, affection and YES you can be available for that to occur each and every date AS LONG AS you select the RIGHT healthy masculine men. The easy 3 step system I invented, tested and now teach works to do this exactly so you’re only going on dates with high quality men.

Receptivity just means that you’re not in your masculine energy, you’re in your feminine. It means intentionally cultivating that in yourself an hour before a vetted date. Then watch your dates flourish into nourishing and delicious experiences that are worthy of celebration in and of themselves even if they don’t lead “anywhere.”

Then we need connecting with a solid understanding of men, the elements of a successful romantic partnership and the ability to be available for partnership.

A solid understanding of men means that you understand and accept what science has shown again and again; biological men and women have different brains. Their brains are wired differently, process information differently, communicate using language differently and need different forms of activity to produce “feel good” chemicals.

For a successful marriage to a masculine man if you’re a feminine woman means you empower yourself with this knowledge. Understanding men as men and not as a version of women will transform your relationships with all men. You will be able to create a connection with your masculine partner that makes you feel seen, safe and appreciated. You will be able to enjoy mind-blowing sacred sex and satisfying fulfilling long-term joy and peace inside your relationship.

Finally, being available for partnership means that you’re not too busy, too self-absorbed, too wounded, or too emotionally unavailable to BE a partner to someone.

That being said, you don’t have to be perfect or at the perfect time in your life and the whole “love yourself first” modern mantra is overrated. I will write more about this in another post. The main thing is to have a clean slate and have healed your past with men as much as possible. Otherwise you will only be able to see men through the lens of past wounds and you won’t even know it.


It will be in your subconscious masquerading itself as “the truth” and causing you to live your life as if it’s a given fact, when in fact it’s an ancient conclusion you made about what’s possible for you with men due to your life experiences.

For example, if your first love cheated on you and you haven’t yet healed from that, you will never truly feel like you’re able to trust men. If your father invalidated your feelings and abandoned you, you will never truly be able to relax and be your authentic self with men because you will fear abandonment.

Many women get frustrated, hopeless and give up dating when they just need a few tweaks to get to a sustainable supply of healthy, high-quality masculine men from which then they can pick their person and a few rapid healing sessions to release the subconscious beliefs blocking their success in love.

With this solid love plan, you can meet your match as soon as 10 to 25 dates, which is apx just 2 dates a week for 12 weeks (3 months) or 1 date a week for apx 6 months.

If you’d like my help meeting Mr. Right ASAP, I got you! I help you attract him in just 3-6 months by incorporating all elements above into your dating journey and freeing you from subconscious patterns running your love life and relationships with men.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

We will have a quick chat over messenger to determine if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away and you can create the very real possibility of being in the partnership of your dreams by the end of 2022!

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