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Empowered Women in Love: Navigating Success Masculine Energy

Yes you absolutely CAN keep the masculine-feminine energetics flowing in a nourishing way if you’re more educated than your masculine partner, make more money, or are more “successful.

You do NOT have to play down your intellect, income or accomplishments to make a man think you admire and respect him.

A healthy masculine man is NOT threatened by your intellect, income, education, or accomplishments in and of THEMSELVES.

You don’t need to dumb yourself down to “his level.”

You don’t need to take it down a notch.

But I do suggest you take a good moment to consider where the questions above come from, as in what kind of “head space.”

On the surface, it feels like we are asking perfectly reasonable questions.

MANY women ask these questions.


Like, we BELIEVE that we’re actually more educated if we have a university degree and he does not.

We believe we’re more intelligent if we can discuss metaphors inside and out and apply them across multiple scenarios just for the intellectual gymnastics fun of it and he better keep up or he’s not the one.

Redefining Success: The Myths of Intellect, Wealth, and Accomplishments in Love

We believe that our accomplishments are ALL THAT.

But the truth is, when it comes to love, there is no amount of intellect, wealth, education or accomplishment that will ensure that your LOVE life succeeds.

And if you believe these things have anything to do with whether you find and keep love, you will most likely fail and suffer from terrible heartbreak and an extremely unfulfilling love life, if there was even the ability to create one.

No, love is about the heart and not the intellect.

It’s about the depth of compassion and not the length of education.

It’s about the partnership of accomplishing something together.

It’s about trust, connection, intimacy, and support – all of these things you don’t learn at university, acquire with your intellect, or succeed in with your finances.

The True Measures of Intelligence and Accomplishment in Relationships

There are so many more KINDS of “education” than the antiquated university education (and I say this as a university educated biochemist).

Would you say a shaman performing traditional spiritual awakening ceremony in the Amazon is dumb because he doesn’t understand genetic variations?

That man can travel through dimensions and time with his consciousness and take you through your own multidimensional soul layers with just the sound of his voice.

There are many more kinds of “intelligences” than the traditional intellect that we are so proud to wield and all too quick to judge others with.

Would you say a man whose wife just has a hunch about a business idea, a way to avoid danger, or a path of learning, adventure and fulfillment for both of them would lack intelligence to listen to the deepest callings of his wife’s heart and show up with support and a “what do we need to get this adventure started?” attitude, is less intelligent than a man who discovers the next way we can tap into nuclear fusion for power?

And there are many more kinds of accomplishments than the traditional monetary and material success so many of us think of as “real success.”

Would you say a man who has an excellent co-parenting relationship with hi X-wife because of the consideration, respect and empathy he shows up with again and again is a lesser accomplishment than a man who owns a paid-off condo downtown?

I see women getting lost in the woods of these concepts (just because of our social and cultural programming about what success means and that it actually has relevance to relationships and love).

Over and over, again and again I see amazing women miss the opportunity to learn and grow with incredible men because they’re myopic in the way they are thinking about intellect, intelligence, accomplishemnts, education, money and success.

The Impact of Attitude: What Attracts and Repels the Empowered Masculine Man

Now that I’ve cleared THAT up, let me share what DOES put a healthy masculine man off when it comes to YOUR intellect, intelligence, education and accomplishments.

It’s your ATTITUDE.

If your attitude is that you’re somehow above others or that you’re too good for a certain kind of lifestyle or that your education puts you above a certain “class” of people, then a healthy masculine man won’t be intimidated.

He will be repelled.

And yes, an UNhealthy man or a man who is NOT in his empowered masculine energy (effeminate man) WILL be intimidated.

That’s why so many successful, professional and educated women think that men are intimidated by success.

No, only SOME men are intimidated by success and it’s not the healthy empowered masculine ones, even if they don’t have the traditional worldly “status” that you might think you require.

If you want love but you’re finding it hard to meet and connect with quality men, then it’s very likely you don’t see them, because you’re looking at such a narrow band of the spectrum.

Further, these are not the attitudes of a Queen – a woman who is living in HER empowered feminine.

They are the attitudes of an immature girl who hasn’t found her confidence and strength and who needs to mentally picture herself above others to feel good enough.

They are not the attitudes of a woman who he wants to devote his life and resources to serving (because that’s what a healthy masculine man does when he commits to a woman).

They are the attitudes of a damsel in distress who will waste his resources trying to prop herself up in artificial and superficial ways that will do nothing to create a truly fulfilling life for him or his family.

Yes, a healthy masculine man thinks about this.

He thinks about the way his resources will be used and applied by the woman he loves because as a protector and provider, he knows he will gladly and proudly spend his life and all his resources providing for those he loves. And he wants it to be worth it.

Wouldn’t you?

If you’re looking for healthy, conscious reciprocal love and you’re ready to look at how some of these dynamics might be showing up for you, in that you’re either finding that you intimidate men or that there are “no good masculine men out there,” or that there aren’t any men who are successful enough, wealthy enough or basically “good enough” for you, then look at how these dynamics might be showing up in your love life and sabotaging your success in love.

In many cases, you may need help to see it because we tend to not be conscious of these kinds of ways of being.

If that’s the case, then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my love coaching intensive.

In that private, 1-1 customized container you will strengthen your confidence, learn how to date for fun, joy, nourishment and the pure pleasure of being wined and dined by amazing men.

Once you GET that you will be on your way to meeting your soulmate and yes it’s still possible in 2023 and getting engaged in 2024!!!!!!

I know that’s a big promise, but ALL of my clients find love in an average of 5-10 dates following my teachings.

So can you.

XO, Emilia

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