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Not the boobs, no

If you’re looking for a quality man, don’t show the boobs, the cleavage or the décolleté.

Not in your Facebook photos, not on your personal online dating profile, not on any on social media, and most importantly, not on your first date. Period end of story.

No you don’t need to show it, if you got it.

No, it’s not classy.

No it’s not feminine.

No it’s not stuffy and frigid to hide it.

No you won’t attract religious fanatics if you dress conservatively.

No you’re not betraying the feminist movement by covering the goodies.

No you’re not playing into patriarchy by being modest.

Yes, you are putting your best foot forward when you don’t lead with your cleavage.

Men respond to women. So be accountable for what responses you cause in men by how you show up.

Having a modest dating profile photo and social media presence ensures that you don’t cause what you don’t want: dick picks and solicitations. (Jerks exist, so you might get them anyway, sorry about that).

This isn’t the “her skirt was too short so she deserved to get raped” type conversation.

This is the opposite; be a sophisticated woman who understands that she has more value to bring to her relationships than her cleavage.

I have a friend who really struggles with relationships. I’ve known her for about 10 years. I know that she’s had multiple marriages and her 4 children come from different fathers. I’ve seen her serially date over the years and always wished for her that she’d end up with a good man.

But the problem is, she doesn’t know how to pick one.

She leads with her cleavage.

Almost all of the photos she posts of herself show her cleavage.

Now you gotta think about this from a man’s perspective.

A masculine man’s instinct is to procreate and then be a provider and protector. He’s also the one the tribe depends on for THEIR survival and sustenance, so he must conserve his resources in order to have the energy to hunt and fight off predators for himself and his tribe.

Let’s imagine money as a representation of this precious resource he must guard and generate.

That means he’s going to guard his resources like time, money and energy, very carefully. The worst thing that can happen to a masculine man is to marry the wrong woman who will suck him dry of his resources without giving anything in return except for cleavage.

So with that mentality, smart, high-quality men don’t just open their pockets and throw money at any cleavage they see. LOL.

I know it seems that men do that. I know that many social and cultural messages that we have about love, sex and marriage is exactly that.

But trust me, a quality man knows VERY well that an attractive cleavage does not a good wife make.

And you might have a WONDERFUL cleavage and you might be asking, why not show it?

Or you might have no cleavage and be thinking, oh thank God.

And here is how masculine men who are healthy and ready for commitment think about cleavage.

They think of it as a GIFT.

Small or large, it’s a gift.

They think of it as a gift that THEY would like to unwrap and not anyone else. LOL.

And if you have cleavage and they’re attracted to it, great.

But they’re not looking for cleavage in and of itself.

Not the quality men.

They’re looking for a partner. A team player.

A woman they feel safe with who won’t emasculate them the way society does at almost every turn.

They are looking for a woman they can pour their life force into, who will return it, in the form of a beautiful garden for him to rest in when he’s not out providing for the family.

They’re looking for someone who, when he misses a shot, has their back. They’re looking for someone they can get old with.

You’re not going to attract THAT man with your cleavage. Do you SEE?

Think of the cleavage as the cherry on top. Not the whole sundae. And certainly not the meal.

If you want a quality man, lead with your heart, with your softness, with your femininity and vulnerability and NOT with your cleavage.

Learn to see your protector and provider through the eyes of love, acceptance and surrender and not through the filter that the mainstream narrative and secular world imposes on us that actually destroys the sanctity of the sacred bond of marriage and family.

Of course, you can only do that if he’s a quality man who is taking care of you in the deepest ways.

That’s why you need to learn to date for those.

But to date for those, you need to learn to SEE them.

That means you need to dive deep inside yourself for the meaning you hold for men, love and commitment and do the inner work of comparing it to the perspectives, beliefs and conditioning that are handed to you on a gold platter by secular society.

If you find yourself fighting me inwardly, then maybe it’s time to look for the sacred in men instead of accepting the platter of lies that’s handed to you by the world.

Do some deep inquiry and learning about men so you can understand them and how they think when it comes to dating, mating and marriage.

These are forever skills you absolutely need if you want to be successful not just in dating but also in marriage.

And finally, learn what it means to be a powerful partner, a team player and the woman that has her King’s back.

These are all the things I teach in my Engaged in 2023 program for SINGLE women and that’s why if I accept you into the program, I guarantee you will be engaged to your dream man by the end of 2023, or your money back.

If you’d like my help with this, then simply send me a PM and let me know you’re single and ready to be engaged in 2023. I will respond with a few questions over messenger to see if it’s a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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