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Once you understand the feminine and masculine sacred energy, dating isn’t a chore anymore

Dating sucks the life out of you not because of crappy dating apps, hookup culture or unhealthy men. It sucks because you don’t understand masculine and feminine energy flow, so you’re not receiving on your dates, instead you’re being drained.

Feminine Radiance in Dating: Nurturing the Sacred Dance

Once you understand the feminine and masculine sacred energy, dating isn’t a chore anymore. It becomes effortless and fun, nurturing and enlightening. AND you also get to learn and embody every single skill you will need to create a sacred union marriage on your dating journey. As I like to say, dating (done with aligned energetics) is your dojo.

All you have to do is go on a dates with MASCULINE energy people and you would feel nourished, cared for and safe if you’re a feminine person. That’s the sacred law.

Once you know how to select men who have healthy masculine energy, it’s just a hop step and a jump to sacred union. Really.
And because you’re not restricting, struggling, sacrificing, hustling or grasping, you’re ravished energetically simply because you aligned feminine and masculine energies on your dating path…AND you’re all that much closer to the ONE.

Remember, the ONE isn’t someone you meet that’s perfect, the ONE is the man who you feel nourished, seen, cared for, supported and safe with. The man that you know is FOR you. He’s GOT you. He’s your home.

Once I got this, I started meeting and connecting with great men, amazing men, respectful men, kind men.

And I started having these beautiful honoring and ecstatic connections even if the men were not the RIGHT one in terms of the life partner I desired.

I had gorgeous encounters that fed my body, heart and soul, even if the guy was moving away or traveled more than I wanted my mate gone.

Can you see how once your dating journey encompasses those kinds of experiences, it’s never going to suck again and you’re so close to the union you seek, because you’re already creating it.

You’re already practicing it. You’re already available and there for it.

What I am sharing here is the EXACT process my clients use every week to meet amazing, conscious, masculine men men they go exclusive with, get engaged to in apx 12 months, then about 1-2 yrs after engagement, marry.

It’s how I met my amazing husband.

Now let’s break it down even more. What does this look like?


Go out with any man that asks you out that is not a criminal – Pat Allen.

Embracing Masculinity: Secrets to Lasting Love for the Feminine

It doesn’t matter if he is 65 or too short or bald. Why? Because he could still be your ENERGETIC/POLARITY match and you will practice what it FEELS like to be in this incredible energetic synergistic juicy life-affirming presence of a MASCULINE man.

Simply being in the presence of a MASCULINE man is life-giving and men feel the same about the FEMININE.

This is PRICELESS FELT EMBODIED EXPERIENCE of the way you want to FEEL with your husband.

So don’t miss out on it, it’s a crucial part of dating.

And it’s an even more important part of marriage.

This polarity will be the energy exchange that nourishes your partnership for years to come.

You will go back to it again and again to replenish yourselves, your health and the vitality of your relationship.

The energy will flow in your marriage. The connection will be solid, the trust at 100%, the sex the deepest and most fulfilling you’ve ever had, often.

It’s the fountain of forever.

This will allow you to practice being feminine, receptive and inviting and learn about what makes men tick.

You will have a chance to practice what you are learning and try it out in your own skin.

Never turn down any date with a masculine man for any reason unless the man is a criminal.

These are opportunities to grow your feminine and explore the woman you want to show up as in your divine partnership all while learning about men.

If you follow what I taught you so far, you’re going to go out with healthy masculine men only and NOT with losers, married men, effeminate men and narcissists.

Polarity in Dating: The Fountain of Forever

There are 4 more secrets for a total of 9 and I will be posting one a day over the next weeks.

And if you’re single and you want my expert help meeting your match, hand-holding, tissues when you cry and lots of love and care to help you attract a ton of high quality masculine men so you can pick your fave, then I invite you to consider joining my Soulmate Attraction Formula 10 Week Group Program starting on March 30th at 10 am PST on zoom. You get 5 group and 5 private calls with me.

This is a LIVE group program I am offering starting March 30th for a max of 10 women who want to learn how to date in a way that nurturing, fun and easy while at the same time selecting effortlessly for high quality masculine men who are ready for a committed relationship.

My clients meet their dream match in 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week, using this EXACT strategy but often within the first 5-10 introductions.

This program has a deep healing or component to help you resolve any past wounds and unhealthy behaviors so that you can create a healthy relationship.

This is a practical ON the ground coaching and mentorship program that gives you proven tools on how to date using the least amount of energy but getting the most results; results being enjoyable, easy dates with high quality masculine men.

If you’re interested in this program, just send me a DM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to make sure it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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