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Online Dating is Simply a QUEEN Holding Court

“What a huge relief,” is what my clients usually say when they learn my method for “online dating.”

They also say it’s easy, fun, educational, eye opening, fascinating, such an incredible way to learn about men, and they LOVE it – when they absolutely HATED dating prior to connecting with me, especially “dating online.”

They went from HATING dating, feeling like they had to MAKE themselves do it through ALL manners of faking and forcing if they “didn’t want to be single for the rest of my life,” to “wow what a relief.”

Yes it’s a complete GAMECHANGER.

Why? Why is it a GAMECHANGER?

Because online dating isn’t NATURAL. LOL. It’s NOT normal LOL. It’s a whole new world.

Women bring their intuition, their feminine personal lens and their hopes to what they think is a version of catalog shopping for a boyfriend/husband.

They work, work, work, send messages and initiate when actually those profiles might not even be active.

You have to do the work and look for the right clothes, then try the clothes on, right? NO.

And that is soooooo far from HOW to make online dating WORK well and fast and easily for you.

Online dating is NOT boyfriend shopping.

It’s more like you’re a Queen holding court.

Your profile is online. LET the men behind the active profiles come to YOU. Then SELECT for healthy masculine energy and readiness for a relationship.

Here’s the definition of ‘to hold court’:

PHRASE: To hold court

If someone holds court in a place, they are surrounded by a lot of people who are paying them a lot of attention because they are interesting or famous.

(And no, you don’t have to be interesting or famous, you just have to be a single woman with a profile LOL)


To be surrounded by (a lot of) people, typically supporters, admirers, or subordinates, and have their full attention.


Be surrounded by and command the attention of admirers, subordinates, or hangers-on.

You need this simple strategy, this simple REFRAME. You really do.

HOLD Court.

And for the introverts, empaths and sensitives, don’t worry, the attention is on your profile, not on YOU.

And you get to decide, who gets access to you.

And I really wanna tell you – the only reason why I have it is because I put it together MYSELF after years and years of dating online until I met my amazing hubby and YES I met him online.

This is ONE shifts you can make RIGHT AWAY that will completely change the game for you and if you want more details you can get them FREE here at

Also, remember that a man’s profile does NOT necessarily represent a real person.

You need to INTERACT with the person behind the profile to know if they are actually real.

Just respond to them if they write in a few short messages back and forth and then give him your phone number.

The phone number giving freaks a lot of women out so I say, just get a google voice or another phone forwarding service if it freaks you out to give your actual phone number.

You’re a Queen Holding Court.

Giving a phone number is a test. A TEST. I repeat, a TEST.

It’s NOT a connection step.

It’s a SELECTION step. We’re doing this for INFORMATION.

I repeat, it’s a SELECTION step. NOT a connection step.

Because a man who CALLS or TEXTS is showing us that he has healthy masculine energy because he’s willing to GENERATE. He’s willing to pick up the Fn phone, he’s actually looking for a relationship (we still have a little bit of filtering to do to determine what KIND of relationship) and he’s not just a fake profile looking for an online pen pal.

Then we watch to see HOW he uses the phone number because it’s a SELECTION step, not a connection step.

Does he text?

Does he call?

When does he text/call? If it’s after 8 pm it’s usually bootie call territory.

If he texts first to day hi and then never calls, he’s messing around.

If he texts and uses words like, “baby, cutie, kissing emojis, shower, skinny dipping, etc” he’s looking for a sexting thingy.

So if you JUST honestly apply what I am telling you here (hold court, give the phone number in message 3 as a test, do not go shopping aka looking at profiles), you will circumvent more that 95% of problems.

This is a complete opposite of how most women date.

Don’t worry, it’s not because there is something wrong with you.

It’s because no one is an online dating expert. I am because I am a master who was once a total disaster LOL.

Women just don’t KNOW.

But it’s OK that we don’t know.

In the old days, we met through family gatherings, social events, organizations we were part of, work. Nowadays many of us work at home, the social gathering place is the internet and the family is not in the same village, LOL.

Even more importantly, we may have not had the best example from our family of origin because SO MANY of us are breaking generational cycles of unfulfilling marriage, so we are NOT going to trust them to help us find a mate. No way, right LOL?

What I have given you right there helps women more than you can possibly imagine until you try it.

Just TRY it. I dare you. LOL.

These are just an example of the small but life-changing shifts we implement in my 90 day intensive to get you connected to your dream man in apx 3 months.

It’s for women who are intelligent, sensitive, high achievers, artsy, creative, and WILD!

You may have felt that the dating scene, especially the online dating scene will never fit you.

And you’re right but it’s only because you’ve been doing it the way most women do it which almost always leads to suckage. MAJOR MAJOR suckage.

I know this only because I went on close to 500 dates over apx 10 yrs before I married my awesome hubby 13 yrs ago. So many of my clients find their match online, go exclusive, go on trips, get engaged and get married and some are now buying houses, having kids.

Learn from my experience and save yourself heartache, trial and error, drama, lifetimes and lifetimes of waster time and GET to real healthy hot love that you can thrive for the rest of your life and finally come home.

Send me a DM and as me how! We will have a quick messenger to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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