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About Emilia

Hi! My name is Emilia Nagy and I am a dating, relationship and marriage mentor to feminine leaders like you, who want to live in ecstatic divine union with your masculine counterpart.

My gifts and training as a medium and reiki healer allow me to see deep into the soul layers of who you are and work with you in a playful and compassionate way to move you through to your next (or first) miracle.

I help you connect to your audacity and authenticity by facilitating sacred space for deep inner vision, healing of emotional, spiritual and generational wounds, injuries, and dishonor, claiming your sovereign creative power and dating discerningly for a true loving partnership.  

I was born in Bulgaria and I grew up in the USA and Canada. I currently reside (with my soulmate, twin flame and husband Emil, our 9 yr old daughter Alessandra, our 2 cats, 4 chickens and 1 horse in a small European town in a spiritual community of Jesus followers.

I’ve never been happier.