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Embracing the Shadow: Dark Feminine Energy Healing

Invitation to work with me in Dark Feminine Alchemy: The Healing Everything Program with Emilia. Dark feminine energy is the “shadow” side of the divine feminine, which includes subconscious thoughts, emotional impulses, and primal instincts.

These are not bad or wrong or evil, but integrating them (IMPERFECTLY lol) is what makes you a wild and powerful adult human female capable of creating sacred union with a divine masculine man


Sometimes in the middle of a busy day I get a small tugging on my arm.

And a doorway opens into a memory.

My inner child is showing me a place that needs healing.

She’s showing me a place in my life that still needs forgiveness.

Sometimes, if I allow it, those memories come flooding back.

I am in that place again, feeling like a lost child.

Yesterday it happened with a moment at around my daughter’s age.

Childhood Traumas and the Dark Feminine Emergence: Understanding the root of suppressed energies

Have you noticed how your kids help you heal EVERYTHING you need to heal or they trigger it and if you embrace it and do your work you’re one step closer to God?

Well this incident happened at the close to the age my daughter is now – 9 1/2.

I had been taken away from my small town in Bulgaria to go live with my mother in the USA.

I had never been on a long flight or a huge airport like New York.

I was in a new country and didn’t speak the language.

I was barely 10.

We waited in a huge line for hours, in a very very busy airport, jetlagged.

We were informed our flight was delayed and we needed to spend the night in New York.

My mother, 32 or so at the time had a panic attack.

There was no one there to help her.

No one to help me process it.

She was crying and trembling.

That colored how the rest of my life was with my mother whom I hadn’t seen or lived with in 3 yrs.

This was because my father wanted to emigrate out of communist Bulgaria and told her to stay in the USA while I lived with my grandmother.

I was 10, had gone through losing both parents, had moved cities and countries and now I was in the middle of a HUGE city airport in a place where I didn’t even speak the language and my only caregiver was having a meltdown.

That 10 yr old sweet girl tried to calm her mother down.

She was only 10. She was a little person. She didn’t know what to do.

Aren’t big people supposed to handle these things?

When things like this happen, you don’t know at the time, how much they cost you.

Yes, OK they build character.

But these are also the kinds of things that make a little feminine person warrior up and create fear and maybe even disdain for the feminine.
These feelings start to create the dark feminine because we disown them and push them down in order to survive, be good girls, get the love we want and need first from our parents and then from our partners.

And there are also the kinds of things that make you warrior up and decide you don’t need the masculine. The dark feminine encapsulates your survival energy and removes you from accessing your creative energy, especially in relationships.

Your mother could not handle life.

Your father wasn’t there.

You’re on your own, kid.

That’s the message I got over and over and over from the age I was 6 and both of my parents took off and moved to another country and left me in Bulgaria.

I lived with my amazing grandmother and honestly those years living with her in a little town in Blugaria named Gabrovo were some of the best years of my childhood.

She’d take me cherry picking in the summers and that’s why I love cherries so much, if you’ve seen all my photos lol! 🙂

From Survival to Co-Creation: Embracing the journey of the dark feminine for healing.

Anyway, my point is our little inner feminine children experience these moments where we had to suck it up and do life without the skills, support, empathy or leadership of the adults around us.
The “dark” feminine/our survival energy comes in and saves the day. With enough trauma, she starts to run the show. And we forget that we can create and THRIVE, not only react and SURVIVE.

But now we can heal, integrate our survival self and start co-creating in life and with men!

This is some of the healing I help you do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive, and that’s is 5555 USD.

If you want a customized 1-1 healing container, this would be it.

But for those of you who want and need healing but are not in a place where you can make that kind of investment into yourself at this time…

I decided to make this healing available in a group program that will meet weekly starting July 19th at 10 am PST for 1 hour.

The program will last 11 weeks and it is 1111 USD.

I am going to limit the program to 11 women.

I will take you on a journey of the dark feminine.

Who she is and why reclaiming her is so powerful.

Prioritize self-love and self-acceptance.

To access your dark feminine power, it’s important to fully accept yourself (including your past mistakes, flaws, and negative emotions).

It is completely possible to love yourself unconditionally—and your dark feminine energy calls on you to do just that—to help you feel liberated, empowered, and whole.

Dark Feminine Alchemy Program: An invitation to integrate and empower your shadow side.

If you’re struggling with this, reciting positive affirmations helps, but it won’t alchemize the dark/suppressed parts of your life that you believe you need to keep hidden to survive.

People tend to repress dark feminine energy because it can bring up painful memories or uncomfortable realizations. But that’s part of growing up, Folks!

Embracing and integrating these aspects of yourself can help you face your fears and reclaim your power.

Dark feminine energy is the “shadow side” of divine feminine energy.

But integrating the disowned aspects of ourselves brings us to wholeness, power and the ability to CO-CREATE.

If you’re interested in this program, simply send me a DM.

I will respond with a few questions to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away with access to the healing modules online portion before group sessions start July 19th.

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