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Read if You Want a HOT Sustainable Spiritual Marriage

I shouldn’t have to say this, but just a reminder that not every coach, even in marriage, has the spiritual depth, sophistication, experience, and level of understanding of the topic they’re coaching or mentoring in that YOU might need.

I am saying this because first, I am seeing coaches market their relationship and dating coaching services who don’t have a sacred marriage but pretend online that they do. (Like I know he’s cheating on her, for example, and no it’s not an open relationship).


I am seeing coaches market who JUST got married and and are still in their honeymoon phase; no kids, no shared responsibilities, no balancing households or blending families or running businesses.


Ok, you’ve achieved a sacred marriage and it barely just started.

How will you mentor someone who not only wants to start theirs but also sustain it ?

You can’t. You haven’t DONE it.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know that you will know after you’ve been married for 10 years, or 20 years, or 30 years, paid mortgages, taxes, loaded the dishwasher for the millionth time, traveled and gotten sick, raised kids, lost jobs/businesses, juggled work schedules and walked LIFE together.


I am seeing coaches teaching about feminine and masculine polarization and yet they’re seeing it from the perspective of instincts only…..which is NOT enough for people who’re into years of marriage and children (or WANT to be) for successful long term fulfilling love because without incorporating both the instincts AND the human spirit, you can’t have a spiritual union.


Similarly, I am seeing coaches bragging about making tens of thousands of dollars with their relationship and dating courses who are themselves single and taking my content WORD for WORD, adding a few sentences of their own and using it to sell their offers.


These are not people you should trust if you truly want to date for divine union and create a fulfilling sacred partnership love with a masculine man that LASTS.

Because these are not the energetics that are proven to work SUSTAINABLY in a fulfilling, spiritual marriage!

These people demonstrate that they don’t have the integrity, professionalism, experience and understanding that they think they do.

And therefore they will be unable to meet you, SEE you, understand you, diagnose your problem, or coach you effectively into a solution and mentor you at your level.

Sacred Partnership is Divine Synergy.

The culmination of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The union serves a higher purpose for the collective.


And you can only create THAT kind of synergy when you honor not only human instinct but also human spirit.

You bring your gifts. He brings his. You co-create, alchemize and synergize to create your dream life while honoring each other’s authentic core polarity, instincts and spirituality.

And yes, ALL of it starts with HOW YOU DATE and the foundations you lay at the very beginning of the relationship.

If you’re sick of half-truths, quick-fixes and charlatans then I encourage you to look through my page and see if my teachings resonate with you.

If so, I invite you to send me a PM and ask me about my 3 month 1-1 private mentorship program for Sacred Union Mastery.

That program is the end-to-end proven, spiritual and physical mastery path for feminine women who want a LONG lasting sacred union with a masculine man that leads to a happy and healthy marriage and family.

It includes how to date for divine union, how to understand men and the masculine and yourself as the feminine, and how to partner powerfully to create energy flow within the relationship that nourishes both partners for life.

It’s also a good fit for spiritual feminine women who feel they may have already found their person and now want to make sure they lay the foundation for sacred union that’s workable and fulfilling long term in all life endeavors, including blending families, creating mutual businesses, and making all your dreams come true!

Send me a PM and ask me about if this resonates with you and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit. If so, we can get started right away OR we can jump on a call to say hi and answer any questions we might have to see if it’s a fit to work together.

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