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Relationship Passion & Longevity Comes Down to One Thing: Masculine & Feminine Energetics

You don’t need to get to know him over a lot of time because the energetics that are necessary for a healthy relationship are evident on the first date, and even message, text or phone call before that.

If you just knew what to look for and pay attention to, you’d NEVER end up with the wrong man again.

Many women don’t know this “secret.” I am going to lay it out in this post.

What you DO need the time for is to see if the energetics that were there on the first date are rooted in his firm integrity as a masculine being or if he was frontin LOL.

Healthy masculine men that are available (not in another relationship or situationship) and sincerely looking for a partner will generate connection consistently over time in a way that is predictable and reliable.

But they won’t do it without your receptivity, invitation and reciprocation. Like, it requires your participation, not your submission.

This tender beginning stage of a relationship is where SO many things go wrong because feminine women do not know what to look for.

Often women look at the wrong things.

This is the most common reason I see that keeps successful women single and attracting the wrong men over and over. They pick men for the wrong reasons.

Successful high-achieving women are usually hard workers and used to getting results with their masculine energy.

In Western culture – and quickly spreading throughout the world – we women are taught to be in our masculine, generative power and we’re rewarded for it with promotions, recognition and money.

Because we’ve been so self-dependent (and it has paid off literally and figuratively), when we meet a man, we size him up to see if he’s a better MAN than us. WRONG APPROACH.

So let’s say this smart, savvy successful independent woman is out on a date. How will she show up and “evaluate” her prospect?

She’s going to size him up. Ask him questions, generate the conversation, be friendly. WRONG APPROACH.


Not only is this a complete turnoff to healthy masculine men, but it also leaves you as a woman, disconnected from your core feminine self and unable to allow yourself to FEEL into a masculine/feminine dynamic with your body and emotions.

And then you go on another date to “evaluate” him some more.

“We’re still getting to know each other,” you tell yourself.

But no. You already know everything you need to know. Or you would, if you were looking at it from the lens I am teaching you here.

More of the same still doesn’t lead to determining if the right energetics are there for a relationship that works long term.

Somewhere in there sex might happen without clear intention or awareness of its impact and effects.

Because we’re an estrogen-based body, we get bonded.

Now we’re bonded to someone who we don’t really respect that much and who we don’t fully trust.

And welcome to the wrong relationship. Again.

This all happens because we didn’t choose him with our feminine, we chose him with our masculine.

The dynamic that was created on the first date – the “show me what you got” energy – will continue through the relationship.

And we’ll never be truly happy.

Our soft vulnerable feminine side that we hide and protect so well, will secretly long for a man that’s got our back.

We will long for a man that meets us, a man that makes us feel safe and like we’re not alone and on our own in the world.

No matter your intellect or success, you will never be fulfilled in love based on an intellectual evaluation of your date, even if you have a strong intellectual connection.


You will need a deep masculine/feminine energy flow connection and that’s what you deeply long for, even if you don’t know it. That means you need to LET him generate, you receice and reciprocate.

That polarity, that flow of energy between masculine and feminine will nourish your partnership for years to come and if he’s a healthy masculine man and you’re a healthy feminine woman, you will FEEL that energy on the very first phone call/date/text.

And if it’s not there in the first encounter, it will NEVER be there.*

So you need to learn how to be available for it and LOOK to see if it’s there or not and if it’s not, NEXT.

These are the simple energetics I teach you in my 90 day 1-1 intensive that’s designed to connect you with your DREAM man.

Yes, in 90 days.

If you’ve got the energetics, the relationship will be a safe space for both of you to return to, to feel loved, replenished and whole.

I am not about you meeting any man, I want you to meet your DREAM man. And the only way he will be your dream man is if the energetcis work. And he’s hot, ofcourse. LOL

This is what is meant by sacred partnership, by sacred marriage.

But you can’t discern if that’s there using your INTELLECT.

Only your body can tell you.

If you’ve filtered through your prospects using my 3-step method you’ll already be out on a date with a masculine man. You can get this free at

And if you want help attracting a healthy masculine man that leads, then PM me and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that program we work on activating your feminine energy so you date and attract healthy masculine men through a profoundly simple but effective dating strategy.

We work on healing the barriers of self-protection erected around your heart through releasing, forgiveness and compassion because these are the parts of you that have you clinging to your intellect as a compass for the “right” relationship which never lands you in the arms of the RIGHT man.

And we work on powerful partnering skills that allow you to create a healthy, hot, sacred partnership with an incredible man who loves you and shows up for you, no matter your status or success.

My clients meet their match in apx 3 months or 3-5 dates and mostly within apx 10 dates. We go on 1-2 dates a week throughout the container.

I help you select high quality men and learn what to look for and how to tell if the foundation is there. If the foundation is ther,e you go on another date. If it’s not, NEXT.

That means if you’re wishing for love in 2024, you can manifest it by laying the foundation now! Just send me a PM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if my 1-1 program is a fit.

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