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Sacred Union Energetics Clarified for all Genders

NO, we can’t have divine, sacred hot union with a person who is not our COMPLEMENT CORE polarity

For a relationship to be a sacred union (and also sustainable and fulfilling LOL), you need to choose a partner that has a COMPLEMENTARY CORE polarity.

Positive ➕ and Negative ➖ create an energy current and this current is the life force of your partnership.

🍆(➕) plus 🍑(➖) equals 😍💖🎉

These are ENERGIES – not bodies.

This isn’t about fixing ourselves to get a man, this is about deeply understanding our spiritual and physical needs so that we can attract relationships that nourish us and our partner.

FEMININE and MASCULINE = HARMONIOUS FLOW and circulation of ecstatic universal conscious creative energy.

MASCULINE and FEMININE = HARMONIOUS FLOW and circulation of ecstatic universal conscious creative energy.

Let me repeat again – ENERGIES – not bodies.

But energies DO LIVE in bodies.

That just means that on the spiritual level, if you’re a 🍑 feminine being, you will blossom with a 🍆 masculine being and if you’re a 🍆 masculine being you will thrive with a 🍑 feminine being as a partner, regardless of bodies.

And ➕ and ➖ create an energy current.

But we do live in bodies. And we have souls who’ve in most cases chosen a core polarity and the body to match. No this isn’t everyone. Yes there are multiple variations. That’s why I am writing this. Also the variations are not the majority but the minority.

So on the physical level, you might prefer 🍆 or 🍑…

✅ physical level 🍆 plus 🍑 equals 😍💖🎉

✅ physical level 🍑 plus 🍆equals 😍💖🎉

❔ physical level 🍆 plus 🍆 equals possible 😍, but need spiritual CORE polarity complement

❔ physical level 🍑 plus 🍑 equals possible 😍, but still need spiritual CORE polarity complement


✅ spiritual level 🍆 plus 🍑 equals 😍💖🎉

✅ spiritual level 🍑 plus 🍆equals 😍💖🎉

❌ spiritual level 🍆 plus 🍆 equals ❌😩 – physical can’t FIX this

❌ spiritual level 🍑 plus 🍑 equals ❌😩 – physical can’t FIX this

So for example, I am a 🍑 feminine woman and on a spiritual level I like 🍆 and on a physical level I like 🍆.

That’s it, that’s all the end.

Once I deeply understood this about myself, my life completely and forever changed and I met my husband soon after. And we just celebrated 14 happy (not perfect, but perfect) yrs together.

But because I had what we now call abandonment trauma (which prevented me from being vulnerable/receptive and in my NATURAL and AUTHENTIC CORE feminine polarity) and I was a 6 figure biz owner, I moved in the world/I did life/I presented as a 🍆 spiritually/energetically and I therefore attracted 🍑 spiritual energy with a 🍆 physical appendage.


Many modern feminine leaders have the same problem which is why I opened husband skool for feminine leaders. lol

I work with women who are spiritual level 🍑 and want spiritual level 🍆 for 😍💖🎉 REGARDLESS of body, vocation, or how they present in the physical world.

Yes, we are all a balance of both energies.

And yes, healthy adults have both empowered feminine and masculine energy as well as some wounded feminine and masculine energy.

And yes, it’s important to work on balancing the two within, especially as entrepreneurs and creators, visionaries and feminine leaders.

But NO, we can’t have divine, sacred union with a person who is not our COMPLEMENT CORE polarity.

Your CORE polarity isn’t something you choose at puberty. It’s also not something you suddenly ACTIVATE at puberty.

It’s something that your soul came into body with. Like your Human Design, like your Enneagram and like your Astrology chart, the core polarity doesn’t change this lifetime.

And, it’s extremely uncommon for people to shift their core polarity in one lifetime, even if they transition body genders.

In my experience, the polarity concept applies to ALL relationships and not just to traditional male/female marriages.

That includes all genders and gender identities, relationship configurations and even polyamory.

It doesn’t matter what body you are in. You can be in a man’s body or a woman’s body or a man transitioning to woman or a woman transitioning to man – you still have a CORE polarity on the feminine to masculine spectrum.

For a relationship to work sustainably, you need to be in a partnership that circulates energy in a way that allows you to stay in your authentic CORE polarity more than 50% of the time.

This is because staying in your CORE authentic polarity is what nourishes you spiritually.

And being OUT of your CORE polarity will drain you.

The same is true for your partner.

You might be in one of the most common configurations; a female in a woman’s body and a male in a man’s body.

Even though this is the most common configuration, it is also the MOST distorted which is WHY my work focuses on helping feminine leaders land healthy masculine husbands lol.

These are the most common configurations we choose as souls because, biochemically speaking, the divine feminine energy is channeled in a female body (estrogen-based) and the divine masculine energy is channeled best through a male body (testosterone-based).

But this doesn’t exclude OTHER possibilities and the universe has them ALL!

Biochemistry is God/Creator/The universe/ The Cosmos’ physical design for the SPIRITUAL PURPOSE of Sacred Union.

I hope this helps to those of you who have been asking me about this in non-traditional relationships!!! Please write me your questions below and also feel free to comment anything you’d like to see me write a post on in the next few days!!!

And if you’d like help in any aspect of your personal relationship domain, my DMs are open.

Love, Emilia

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