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Sacrifice is NOT the Vibe of Sacred Marriage

Sacrifice is NOT the vibe of sacred marriage. Not in the least.

You’re a holy, divine being – and for a sacred union to manifest, you require – AND you want to offer to your beloved – holy, Divine Devotion.

In order to be able to offer your Divine Devotion, you need to be WHOLE and in your power. That means you’re not sacrificing yourself, you’re not settling for less than you need to be ALL of you and you’re not compromising on what makes you YOU.

YES, there is romantic LOVE that can be created this way and that’s the New Earth Paradigm of Love. I call it Sacred Partnership Love.

Because if you’re not YOU, then how can you offer YOUR devotion?

You can’t. You don’t have it LOL.

Unfortunately religions haven’t helped us much in this area when they peddled sacrifice and suffering.

Our world as a whole doesn’t operate in this NEW paradigm – yet.

But think of the spiritual teachers who taught us DIVINE relationship.

Like Jesus/Yeshua. He taught us holy love, forgiveness and staying in our personal power when he flipped over tables in the synagogues because they were using the place for selling stuff and not praying.

He didn’t shut up.
He didn’t put up.
He didn’t give up.

And neither should you, if you want divine union, especially as the feminine.

Religions peddle him as a mere sacrifice. He was so much more than a sacrifice. I would even challenge the concept of his life being a sacrifice AT ALL.

And not to get religious here – and I am sure I will get attacked for this – but the whole thing of sacrifice honestly is a satanic idea.

Only beings disconnected from divine source need sacrifice to feed them because they have no connection to source or creative power of their own. They feed on others’ energy to live. They are inverted.

That’s why if you’re with a narcissist (the original narcissist archetype was Satan, btw), you will NEVER be in your power because that person lives on YOUR energy.

You have to sacrifice, compromise and settle then, can you see it?

Can you see how that’s our whole world matrix in a lot of ways?

So no wonder we struggle so much to have healthy, functioning, nourishing marriages that last.

Ask yourself: Why would the Divine (Masculine) God Himself, Father of Creation need a sacrifice?


Religious propaganda at its best – and yes I am a devout, wild Christian.

The feminine needs to be WHOLE.

There is no fiber of a healthy masculine man that wants sacrifice from his woman.

He comes to her to GIVE, not to TAKE.

And to be whole, she should avoid most kinds of giving in her romantic relationship, especially if it’s over giving, compensating, sacrificing, settling and compromising.

The Divine Feminine way is NOT martyrdom.

It’s NOT self sacrifice.

You’ve seen women who tried, I am sure. Did it work for her? Write me in the comments…

Did it WORK for her? AS in, was she FULFILLED?

Was he?

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