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Stop Textertaining: Find Genuine Love with Masculine Men

Are you dating and masculine men keep texting you but not FN calling? Like you’re stuck in texting lala land with no phone call no date?

Nooo, don’t textertain! Don’t do it!

I have a PSA: Textertaining is NOT your job. LOL

It will drain you, make you resentful and pretty soon you will hate dating.

So here’s the solution to that problem.

If a man texts before calling, after you’ve given him your phone number on the dating app, let’s say, don’t textertain.

Cut it of at the bud lol.


Say, “Hi John Doe thank you for your text. I look forward to speaking with you when you have time. I am free tomorrow between 6 and 8 pm. I look forward to speaking with you then. :)”

Breaking the Textertaining Cycle: Why Real Connections Matter

Or let’s say you talked on the phone once (keep it SHORT!) and have a date set already and he’s texting good morning good night at all random times and things in between such as sending photos, etc.

No don’t freak out. He’s not a dating expert. Give him the benefit of the doubt if he hasn’t popped a red flag.

If you’ve set a date and he keeps texting just say:

“Hi John Doe thanks for your text, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night in person! :)” Or whenever your date is set.

Don’t textertain.

If he sends photos, don’t send photos back. Just use one of the responses above.

Short. Sweet. To the point.

If he keeps texting, things like, “how are you?” just say, “I am doing great,” and add one of the appropriate responses above.

Don’t textertain.

If he asks you what you’re looking for in a relationship just say, “I am looking for the real deal :)” and then add one of the appropriate responses above.

Do this over and over – but not more than 3 or so times. If he doesn’t get it and doesn’t either call or ask for another date, NEXT!

Women tell me all the time how frustrated they are when guys text them and then the connection-to-be just disappears into a world of BLAH.

So don’t textertain. It will NEVER lead to a relationship. And no, you won’t lose him if you don’t entertain him, LET him GO AWAY if he wants to be textertained.

Understanding Masculine vs. Effeminate Dating Dynamics Online

ALSO: Consider WHY you’re tempted to textertain and not follow what I am telling you here.

It’s usually a sign of poor boundaries, difficulty in asserting your needs and asking for what you want, dating in scarcity which means that you don’t know how to procure an ocean of introductions to healthy masculine men using methods in person on online using the easiest and fastest way – dating apps!

ALL of the above is healing and clearing we do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

Because guess what? You can’t have a powerful partnership with a healthy masculine man if you’re going to NOT be in YOUR power by giving up on your needs, trying to please or accommodate when it’s uncomfortable or undesirable for you and believing in scarcity.

Believing in scarcity when it comes to men is not your fault because our current world is set up to make you think that.

When we didn’t have the internet, how do you think people hooked up? Yes, they met IN PERSON and it was an INTRODUCTION.

But now we need to be a little bit more savvy so that we can get those INTRODUCTIONS and trust me there are an OCEAN of high quality men to choose from online, you just have to know how to sort.

If you’re finding yourself doing a version of textertaining, it’s also a sign that you don’t understand men and how they work which is another thing we work on in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

That way you can have the clarity, confidence and communication skills to really connect with high quality men instead of draining your energy terxtertaining.

A healthy masculine man who is looking for a relationship doesn’t play texting games.

If you don’t textertain, you’re weeding out players, effeminate men that want you to chase them and narcissists.

Textertaining also allows you to CHARGE for your energy and your presence by inviting and expecting HIS.

A masculine man knows VERY WELL that he must INVEST in a feminine woman. He deeply LONGS to do just that.

Masculine men generate connections with feminine women and they are more than happy to pay with money, energy, time, dates and persuit.

Effeminate men, unhealthy men, players and narcissists and men who are unavailable for a relationship will egg you on to see if you will bite the bait and textertain them all night long. NO!

Step into Your Power: The Key to Attracting Healthy Masculine Men

Don’t do it, it never leads to anything good.

Use my dating method instead to sort for healthy masculine men using online dating platforms for introductions.

My clients use this and meet their guy in an average of 5 dates.

Get it free here

And if you want help with dating efficiently, effectively and getting it over with FAST because you meet your dream man, that’s exactly what I help you do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

I actually log into your dating profile, sort the men for you and send you out on dates with men who meet your criteria.

I LOVE doing this part for my clients and it’s SO MUCH FUN to see them dating when they’re getting cared for and pampered on dates with healthy masculine men and their dating journey is NURTURING their feminine energy and NOT draining them.

In the 90 day 1-1 intensive we also work on understanding men and also any healing or clearing you must do so that you DO NOT set you up to allow yourself up to be disempowered with men – which textertaining is an example of.

If you’re interested in my hep, I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my 90 day intensive.

I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started right away.

And you can be falling asleep with your dream man by your side by the end of 2023 if you follow my system and go on an average of 1-2 dates a week.

Love can still happen for you in 2023! I am here for THAT.

Love, Emilia

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