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Saying No to 50/50 Honors Your Healthy Feminine Energy and His Healthy Masculine Energy

If your man asks you to pay on a date, then he’s not in his healthy masculine energy. But it’s not because of the money.

He’s telling you that he’s not ready to be a provider – in ENERGY.

And that’s OK! Next!

Women say, so what I got my own bag.

I don’t need a provider.

I just want love.

Yes, girl try that on when you’re 1 week postpartum, your newborn is screaming for your boob around the clock and your man wants your 50% of the rent bill that month.


Don’t do it.

Don’t date a 50/50 man.

Date a provider.

And if you want to know how to attract those, just send me a DM and ask me about it. I teach that in my 90 – day 1-1 intensive where you date, heal and partner for divine union.

When my husband and I met, he was making $15 an hour (he had recently moved to the USA from Hungary and was working for his friend), and I owned a home in San Diego. My biz was at 6 figures.

But he still never let me pay a single bill and never let me feel like I should. EVER.

And I never looked down on him because at that time he made less money than me.

I looked beyond his circumstances at the time to his character and his QUALITIES (something I teach every single woman I work with) and just a couple of years later, his own company was making multiple 6 figures.

He had healthy masculine energy and he wanted a partner and a family and therefore he was completely committed to being a provider, even if that required all of his earnings at the time.

I SELECTED him after dating INTENTIONALLY, because I knew HOW to after 10 yrs of dating and 500 dates. I teach you that exact method for FREE here

He didn’t ask to borrow money, he didn’t ask to go 50/50 on ANY date, excursion or mutual expense. He even offered to pay for my medication which was hundreds of dollars when I got sick.

I ALLOWED it. (And yes, it WAS hard, vulnerable and scary AF LOL)

Why? Because he’s a PROVIDER. And now, 14 yrs later, he’s STILL providing, even if I am the one making the “money” because he makes it possible for me to do so, in the first place.

Think ENERGY, not money.

I am telling you this because I know you’re an GENEROUS, emphatic heart.

You’re a sensitive, high-achieving, ambitious, capable, conscientious soul who will give and give because it’s your nature to be generous, love and care for others.

You are going to give SO MUCH to your partnership. If you don’t implement “no 50/50 from the start,” in ENERGY, you will over-give, and start feeling drained and resentful. And that’s not divine union.

That’s why making sure a man is proud to take care of you is the most basic requirement I ask you to implement in your dating journey. If you don’t know how, it’s Ok, I teach you.

It goes so deep for many of my clients when they are learning how to truly receive. That’s why it’s NOT about the money, but the energetics.

They squirm and try to get out of it because receiving puts them in a VERY vulnerable place.

They don’t want to owe him anything and they don’t want to feel like they’re not contributing.

But deep down their wounds make them doubt they are worthy of love and so it feels safer to compensate and earn than to truly receive.

But this dynamic does NOT create healthy energy flow and will never create divine union.

AND these things coming up is good because that’s what initiates the healing needed to prosper in love.

We can heal ALL of this so that the divine blueprint for feminine masculine union emerges from the depths of your divine design and you are able to melt into it with ease and relief.

YES! The blueprint for organic, soulful, fulfilling love is already there, inside of you! And we can access it! It’s just been obscured and tarnished by social messages and false constructs on purpose.

Why? For the same reason we don’t learn about financial empowerment and how to really take care of our healthy in school.

Divine union is balanced and in equilibrium. There is an energy flow and a harmony and a PEACE. Both partners are giving and receiving but the giving must be allowed to originate with the masculine and be received and then reciprocated by the feminine.

I used the word “allowed,” specifically because many women often don’t ALLOW it! Noticed what I wrote above that even though my husband was making $15 an hour when we met, I still ALLOWED him to provide for me.

Imagine if I had said, no I make more money, let me pay.

NO, I don’t need you to pay for your medication, save your money you don’t have a lot.

That’s what I used to do. That’s what my generous, loving feminine clients do.

And what happens? Men who have healthy masculine energy feel emasculated and leave, men who don’t have healthy masculine energy stay and we end up overextended and resentful.

I am giving you this example from my life because even THOUGH I had every logical reason to pay, I ALLOWED him to provide and step up in his masculine provider energy, regardless how it was physically manifesting in the moment.

Let your feminine presence be enough and stop worrying about earning, deserving and equating. If you’re not sure how to do that, just send me a DM and say hi as these are all the things I help you heal and overcome in your relationships with the masculine in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

I see you, the way they see in Avatar, and I know this is what you need. It’s just the result of working with 100s of Feminine Leaders who want LOVE that LASTS and CREATE it.

I have tested this over and over and over in my own life when I was dating and it has always proven to be true in the lives of my clients.

There is no love story that started in 50/50 and blossomed into divine union. None.

So don’t do 50/50. SELECT a man who wants to provide, it’s the only way the energetics will honor both of you. If you don’t know how to meet those, send me a DM and ask me about my 90-day container because you will learn that there. I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started right away.

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