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Attracting the Right Man: Single to Settled in 2023

If marriage and kids are on your vision board for 2023/2024 but you feel like you’re not even close to being on track to making that happen because you keep attracting the wrong man and getting into situation ships and heartbreak, then keep reading.

We were on a coaching call and she saw my husband bring me water. “I want that,” she said, “You’re glowing!”

And it was just a few months later (more than 3, less than 6) and she had it!

And now she’s married to her hunk & they just had a son.

Journey from Past Wounds to True Love: One Woman’s Transformation

It literally all happened within a year of signing up to work together (not the baby LOL that was later but we laid the FOUNDATION for ALL of that those first 12 months we worked together).

They just got a brand new house built to move into.

And two cute pups.

She did her healing with me.

She did her sorting following my dating strategy.

She did her learning about men with me and my mentors.

She released her perfectionism through our healing sessions.

She embraced her genuine desires.

She created a life on her terms with the man of her dreams.

She showed up for herself and her children that they want to have and just had the first of.


Discovering Authenticity: From People-Pleasing to Finding the Right Man

In her family of origin, she didn’t feel like she was ever really loved or seen for who she was.

She was the golden child, the perfect daughter AS LONG AS she did whatever was wanted and expected of her.

She carried that into her adult life.

It had her people pleasing and always looking outside of herself for validation.

It had her living her life on others’ terms.

It had her feeling hollow, unfulfilled, unlovable, not good enough and like she always had to hide who she really was.

This set her up in a cycle of attracting the wrong men over and over.

Men who looked good on the outside, who had the perfect dating profile or the perfect haircut or the perfect body.

But she learned fast that a fancy profile or a clean-cut haircut does not a healthy masculine man make.

She learned how to tell which men were genuine, healthy, masculine and available for the kind of emotional connection she wanted.

She went on dates THOSE men. Apx 10 dates and then she met him.

The one she felt close to. The one she liked, giggled with and felt safe and at home with.

It only took a few weeks because she was ready.

She declared it.

And that’s how her love story went.

The Blueprint to True Connection: Embracing Healing and Smart Dating

Yours can go very similarly.

We start with your story as it was. We own it, we walk it. Good or bad we enter and embody it so you can create your happy ending.

I show you EXACTLY how in my 3 month 1-1 intensive for single women who want to be married and have children and stay married and raise those children with an amazing man they feel good around, like, respect and admire.

If you’re ready then I invite you to send me a PM and ask about working together to help you attract a high quality masculine man that wants to be your hero.

My clients attract their match in about 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week and you can, too!

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