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She Didn’t Fall in Love, She Achieved it

I recently watched a video of a happily married woman who declared that no, she didn’t fall in love, she ACHIEVED it.

No, she didn’t just get lucky, she WORKED for it.

No, she didn’t just haphazardly happen on a great marriage. That’s extremely rare in my experience.

She BUILT it. Together with the man she INTENTIONALLY chose as her husband, of course.

She went about it the same way she did her business, job applications, interviews, the RIGHT effort.

And I silently sent her the “YES! Avatar emoji.”

Because that’s exactly my personal experience marrying my love and the experience of my clients.

A sacred partnership love marriage doesn’t happen by accident.

It is intentionally created.

And it actually does not take a ton of effort, just the RIGHT effort.

The RIGHT effort is just 3 things: Dating smart, understanding men, and healing anything that keeps you from connecting with unconditional trust.

That’s it that’s all, the end.

The Power of Dating Smartly: Strategies for Successful and Purposeful Dating

Dating smart just means dating with focus and clarity on what you’re creating with dating, a little bit of strategy and showing up in feminine energy with receptivity and an open heart.

I have a 3 step method you can get FREE here I developed for this after about 10 yrs of dating and about 500 dates.

It is a FAST way to weed out the time-wasters confidently and quickly.

That’s the focus and strategy. Apply this along with making time in your life to date (I recommend 1 to 2 QUALIFIED dates per week) and you’re well on your way to dream love before the end of the year!

Clarity means you’re clear WHY you’re dating, you’re not just doing it for sport, validation or boredom; you’re using it as an opportunity to learn about men, about yourself while you make yourself “easily findable” for your guy.

And now I thank God I had the courage and strength to do it because I broke the cycle of settling, sacrificing, playing small, narcissistic abuse and unfulfilling love in my life using this framework.

I am SO blessed and deeply honored to help women all around the world do the same.

Understanding Polarity and Embracing Feminine Energy: Cultivating Connection and Lasting Chemistry

Feminine energy means that you’re aware that if you’re a feminine woman looking for a masculine counterpart there is a certain “polarity” that needs to happen for energy to flow between the two of you.

The importance of this ONE thing CANNOT be understated if you’re looking to design a sustainable loving conscious partnership.

Many of us think of polarity as attraction, but it’s actually more than that.

When you have it it creates lasting connection, chemistry, communication and affection.

YES you can be available for that to occur each and every date but you have to select the RIGHT healthy masculine men.

The easy 3 step system I invented and tested works to do this exactly so you’re only going on dates with high quality men.

You can get it free here

Receptivity just means that you’re not in your masculine energy, you’re in your feminine.

It means intentionally cultivating that in yourself an hour before a vetted date.

Then watch your dates flourish into nourishing and delicious experiences that are worthy of celebration in and of themselves even if they don’t lead “anywhere.”

The Science of Gender Differences: Building Reciprocity and Sustainable Love Partnerships

Now, connecting happens with an understanding of how men are different than women.

A solid understanding of men means that you understand and accept what science has shown again and again; biological men and women have different brains.

Our brains are wired differently in 160 ways.

We process information differently, communicate using language differently and need different forms of activity to produce “feel good” chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin.

For a successful marriage to a masculine man, if you’re a feminine woman, means you empower yourself with this knowledge.

Understanding men as men and not as hairy gruff women will transform your relationships with all men but especially empower you to create a connection with your masculine partner that makes you feel seen, safe and appreciated.

It’s the foundation for mind blowing sacred sex and satisfying fulfilling long-term joy and peace inside your relationship.

The elements of a successful partnership are reciprocity, not transactionality.

We live in a physical universe so we cannot avoid a transactional element to our relationships but transactional relationships are not sustainable.

We need to create reciprocal relationships with our human spirit that function outside of circumstances and convenience.

I will write a separate post on this diving deeper into the elements that make up both.

Finally, being available for partnership means that you’re not too busy, too self-absorbed, too jaded, too wounded, or too emotionally shut down to share your HEART with somebody.

That being said, you don’t have to be perfect or at the perfect time.

And the whole “love yourself first” thing is overrated.

You may not know that past wounds are blocking your receptive capacity or your partnering availability but this is one of the things I am able to help you dial into and heal so that you can move forward with a fresh successful partnership.

I say the RIGHT effort, because just like building a business, or starting a fitness journey, when we start out we don’t know where to spend our time for the maximum result.

We’re just efforting all over the place.

Many women get frustrated, hopeless and give up dating when they just need a few tweaks to get to a sustainable supply of healthy, high-quality masculine men from which then they can pick their person.

With this solid love plan, you can meet your match as soon as 10 dates (my clients do!).

ALL of my clients meet their match in apx 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week.

If you’d like my help implementing the above then send me a PM and ask about my 90 day intensive.

We will have a quick chat over messenger to determine if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away and you can be in the partnership of your dreams and a ring on your finger by the end of 2024!


To qualify for this program you must be a single woman who digs men, be already dating and sincerely seeking a sacred partnership marriage with a masculine man in 2024!

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