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Should a Divine Masculine Husband Lead YOUR Life?

We do NOT need our awesome masculine husband to lead us to live a more fulfilling life outside the relationship.

We got that part, LOL.

This was the response to a comment in a polarity forum to a man who asked how to be a leader to his woman who needed to talk with him more than he was available for.

Multiple comments asked a version of, “Are you leading her to live a fulfilling life outside of the relationship and connect with her hobbies?”

NO. We don’t do that here. It’s not our man’s job to lead OUR life.

The Power of Self-Led Femininity is that we are SELF Led

Yes we are feminine but NO we DO NOT need a man to lead us to a fulfilling life outside of our relationship.

We’re on a mission, we have a passion and we’re serving the world with our gifts.

Our Sacred Union allows us to do that more fully, feeling loved, supported and grounded as we fly the spiritual realms so we are:

MORE at peace because our man is our ROCK.

MORE capable because someone is in our corner cheering us on.

MORE enlivened because we get to connect intimately with healthy masculine energy on the daily.

MORE magical because we’re activated by powerful holy sex magic in sacred sex with our divine masculine counterpart that LOVES the fuck out of us.


MORE safe because we have a PARTNER who has our back here on Earth where things aren’t always peachy if you haven’t noticed lol.

MORE connected to cosmic creative intelligence because HIS energy provides a staff of balance and comfort.

MORE multidimensional expressions if we’ve also chosen to/ gotten to experience motherhood along with being a wife

MORE balance because we’re in harmony with our divine counterpart.

The women who want, need and grow exponentially in our work together on the masculine energy in their life are SELF led.

They want a masculine man but not because they need HIM to lead her anywhere.

She already has a mission and a vision.

They want a masculine man because they want their counterpart in the journey of carrying out her vision and mission.

Does that make us masculine women? NO.

Does that make us bad partners for masculine men? No, but we’re NOT good partners for men that want a stay-at-home wife that dotes on them.

The Ideal Partner for Feminine Leaders

There is a certain KIND of masculine man that we thrive with and it’s someone who is connected to his Divine Masculine Energy.

He is one quietly anchored in his masculinity, has nothing to prove and is our ROCK on the path.

He wants his QUEEN.

He knows she is a Ferrari and not a Honda and that’s who he wants to contribute to.

It’s not a PROBLEM for him if she needs more “maintenance” LOL because he knows she’s high performance.

That’s how HE thrives. HE wants to plug HIS gifts into THAT woman.

He wants his contribution to be of HIGH service to a QUEEN on a mission.

So if that’s you then you’re in the right place.

If you want a man to lead you to your life’s mission then I am not the coach for you.

If you want a man to lead you to your purpose and fulfillment, I am not the coach for you.

If you want a man to lead your life so you don’t have to, I am not the coach for you.

This work is for FEMININE LEADERS.

Women already WALKING in their power in other areas of their life who want to manifest sacred union with their divine masculine counterpart.

If you’re ready I am here. Send me a PM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive where we work on creating Sacred Partnership Love with Your Divine Masculine Man.

This intensive is for feminine leaders who are single and don’t want to be or for women who are already in a relationship with a healthy masculine man and want to take that union deeper – to more connection, sacred synergy and co-creation.

IF you’re resonating with this post I invite you to send me a DM on Facebook or shoot me an email We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started right away.

I have 2 spots open in September!

Love, Emilia

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