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Sometimes due to your family, you have to make uncomfortable choices for love

Sometimes due to your family of origin modeling, you have to make uncomfortable choices in order to create a different relationship reality for yourself.

Breaking the Cycle: Healing Family of Origin Trauma

If your family modeled that disrespect towards the feminine from the masculine was Ok and disrespect form the masculine toward the feminine was OK, you will honestly BELIEVE it’s Ok, until you become aware of and change the incredibly destructive narrative.

And it doesn’t help that such disrespect is also constantly pushed by the mainstream social and cultural narrative under the guise of feminism – so you must disown it on multiple levels; cultural, familial and individual.

Until you DO this, you will not only BELIEVE that disrespect towards the masculine is Ok, normal, same old, a part of your accepted “reality,” you will not only accept it, sometimes blindly from society, from your partners and from the men in your life but you will also feel JUSTIFIED in DISHING it out.

That’s right. You will be part of the problem.

Oooh and that’s a BIG problem when you feel that your disrespect is JUSTIFIED.

I am saying this here because I see it at the core of almost every client I coach – family of origin relationship trauma and ESPECIALLY family of origin unhealthy relationship practices persist as TRAUMA, until healed.

The reason why they persist as trauma is because you’re a holy, divine being and for a sacred union to manifest, you require AND want to offer holy, divine devotion.


But no one likely showed you this here on Earth.

Because you were treated with constant disrespect and likely division from your spiritual essence.

Women come to me wanting a sacred union.

That’s a holy desire.

For a successful divine union/ holy matrimony, you must heal the unholy on an individual, familial and cultural level.

I know. Sometimes I write about dating and did you know I was a spiritual healer, too?

I hate for this to sound religious because unfortunately religions haven’t helped us much in this area when they peddled sacrifice and suffering.

But it DOES make sense if you think of the spiritual teachers who taught us DIVINE relationship.

Like Jesus. He taught us holy love, forgiveness and staying in our personal power when he flipped over tables.

But religions peddle him as a mere sacrifice. He was so much more.

Unlearning Unhealthy Relationship Patterns for Sacred Union

And not to get religious here and I am sure I will get attacked for this but the whole thing of sacrifice honestly is a satanic idea. Only beings disconnected from divine source need sacrifice to feed them because they have no connection to source and creative power of their own. Why would the divine masculine God himself, Father of Creatio? need a sacrifice. Please. Religious propaganda and yes I am a devout, wild at its best Christian.

Anyway I digress, but I can’t speak on human relating without at least in some small context addressing our relationship to our Creator, our family of origin (which is our version of a physical creator here on Earth) and our society which is our VERY unhealthy community.

So many women tell me they have no healthy girlfriends to talk to about their relationship problems because the minute they bring up that they are having issues their girlfriends simply attack the men. That doesn’t help and more soberingly, it doesn’t WORK.

Part of healing and creating our own creation with our own lives such as attracting true love, sustaining a healthy marriage, having healthy finances, maintaining healthy relationships and bodies requires so much UNearning.

It requires Social, Religious, familial and even scholastic UNlearning.

UNlearning is UNcomfortable.

But I got you!!! That’s why I write these blog posts as often as I can and now as I am recovering from my horseback riding accident, I am coming back in full swing, but slowly, lol.

What cultural, social, familial or individual narratives have you overcome in order to create healthy relationships?

Or, what are the narratives that you know you need to overcome (or you know someone that does wink wink).

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

And as always, if you know you need help in this area, that’s EXACTLY what I offer in my monthly at-your-pace coaching packages or in my 90 day life-changing 1-1 private intensives. Send me a DM if interested and I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together, and if so, we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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