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The Soulmate Attraction Formula

90 Day Private 1:1 Intensive with Emilia

Meet your Dream Man at a rate of 1-2 dates a week in as few as 3-5 dates but in an average of only 10 dates!

This is an invitation for New Earth Feminine Leaders who want to be loved AND in your power.

It’s never too late, you can still take charge of your love life and have an incredible transformation in just 90 days.

And along with that, you can experience co-creating with the masculine energy in healthy masculine men while IN your power.

You can FEEL nourished, delighted and playful IN your dating AKA meeting men journey.

And you can feel confident in your feminine energy IN relationship to the masculine and how the energy flow FEELS when it’s flowing in a way that is co-creative, and fulfilling with a real-life human MAN!

YES these are ALL the things you can transform in just 90 days of working with me.

The women who LOVE LOVE LOVE this are spiritual conscious women who may even identify as starseeds. I call us New Earth Feminine Leaders because almost all of my clients are up to BIG things in the world, even if that isn’t public.

“BIG” things are things like ending generational cycles of abuse, poverty or unhealthy family relations and creating connections that thrive, especially when it comes to husband and wife and how they love each other and then support their children/extended family.

My clients end the cycles of settling, sacrificing and playing small in love FOREVER and truly leave a LEGACY for the next generation as mothers and leaders. You can too!

You’re probably sick of dating, can’t seem to meet any high-quality conscious men and/or you keep ending up with unhealthy and unavailable men that just don’t GET you.

We can end that once and for all!

Here are the things I help with:

1. Energetically calling in the RIGHT man into your sphere of possibility through spiritual practices such as a frequency activations, energy transmissions, prayer and intentional dating practice.

2. Dating smart, with a proven practical filtering strategy that attracts high quality men but repels effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists. I find very few women that KNOW how to do this consistently and predictably and as a result settle for poor quality connections thinking that’s all that’s possible.

3. Healing deeply and resolving permanently any spiritual, emotional and ancestral wounds that keep you in a paradigm of sacrificing, settling and playing small in love and with the masculine energy. THIS IS A BIGGIE for feminine leaders that keeps them in a cycle of draining and unhealthy relationships.

4. Navigating and maintaining the energy exchange in your relationship in a nourishing flow of divine sacred union. VERY FEW FEMININE LEADERS understand and embody this and yet our personal relationship and the level to which we feel supported and met has a huge influence on living a fulfilled, rich life.

5. Partnering as a feminine counterpart of a sacred union and understanding men and masculine energy so that you can co-create together and you feel SEEN, MET, safe, confident and secure in your relationship because you’re deeply connected on every level.

The intensive is 90 days and it is 7777 USD or 3×2777. I know it should be much more considering the lifelong transformation it delivers.

You know the change you wish to make in the world starts with you and you’re already walking your talk in so many other areas of your life. This invitation is for you if you understand and want help, support and transformation in being the change you wish to see in the world AT HOME.

Every peaceful family is a foundation for a more peaceful world.

The intensive includes weekly private, 1-1 sessions, unlimited access to me via voxer/messenger M-F and a slim online course portion and workbook so you can pre-view and mentally prepare for the healing. This allows us to optimally use our session time to go deep into the layers that need to be healed in order for you to fully own your power in sacred union.

If this resonates with you then – YAY– I invite you to CONTACT ME and ask about working together. I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re

a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

Excited to meet you! Emilia 🙂