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If you’re a single woman and you’re dating for marriage, I have a very important PSA: The fastest way to find your healthy amazing masculine man is to stop SEARCHING and start SORTING.

It’s embarrassing to share this so publicly, but I used to chase men (searching). One guy said, “I love your gumption to go surfing with me.” But he never called me to go out, ask me to go with him or followed up on my desire.

Neither did many of the others.

I started to believe that men are unreliable, liars and emotionally unavailable.

It led me to think men were over complicated and uncommunicative, and yes, emotionally immature and unavailable.

But I had this dream to have a happy and healthy family of my own.

So I became stubborn AF.

And I vowed I would understand this DAMN MAN thing.

The Misunderstood Masculine: My awakening to the true essence of men.

I went to my first Alison Armstrong workshop in 2006.

And she taught me that men were generous, loving, they wanted to provide and protect and take care of women and I was shocked and in disbelief until she brough 5 men (the man panel) of different ages and professions to answer women’s questions.

And I saw everything she taught us come ALIVE in the faces, voices and presence of real men and I finally could SEE men in a way I had NEVER seen them before.

And what I learned/realized was that it’s not that men are ANY of the things that I feared above.

It was just that these men above that I wanted to hang out with, somewhat pursued (all the while telling myself that I was just letting them know my interest) didn’t want to hang out with me.

I didn’t know this, but that’s because, these men were one or all of these – not interested in me, not available (like they were still living with an x), not ready (they were not in the mood for a wife yet, lol), not masculine (they didn’t want to be the generative protective and providing energy in their relationships with women), or healthy (they didn’t LIKE or trust women or had heartbreak they hadn’t dealt with yet).

You need interested, available, ready, masculine, and healthy men.

But the good news is that when you know what you’re looking for, you can SORT very quickly.

That’s what I help you with.

Because men are not liars.

I went on close to 500 dates and I can tell you that there was only one man I remember that blatantly lied to me.

And guess what?

EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the problems the men around me had that I described above went AWAY lol, when I stopped looking at profiles, stopped judging men based on their profiles and just went out with them, figured out how to determine if they are healthy masculine energy and sincerely looking for a relationship and do it FAST.

Suddenly ALL the men in my life were chasing ME!

And they were healthy high-quality men and that’s EXACTLY what my clients experience working with me.

They were falling over each other asking me on trips to Guatemala, concerts in the Colorado red rock amphitheater outside of Denver (I lived in San Diego and yes he paid for my flight and hotel and yes we had separate rooms), calling me and texting me asking when they can take me to dinner, to a dining city tour on a boat, to my favorite restaurant.

What is the ONE thing that changed?

From Searching to Sorting: The transformation in my dating approach and its astonishing results.


I positioned myself in an environment where MANY SINGLE MASCULINE MEN ARE and I sorted through them for the ones that were masculine, healthy, ready, sincere, kind, and loved GOD.

And it was just a few weeks later I met my amazing hubby. That was 13 yrs ago. We’re still together and I really like him still lol 😊

Yes, it took me over 10 yrs to put together everything I teach you.

But that’s why my clients literally are now meeting their guy on the 3rd date, the 5th date, within just WEEKs of applying my dating strategy that I give away for FREE here

Now I teach this method to ALL my clients and they literally go on 1-2 dates,

even if they live in a small town,

even if they thought all the men in their town are losers,

even if they thought that they are introverts and have a small bandwidth for emotionally draining interactions,

even if they felt that they really weren’t all “that” much of a catch according to the masculinized ideals set for women today…..

…only to discover that the healthy masculine men I have them sorting and meeting LOVE that about them.

So my point is there are PLENTY of good, honest hard working masculine men genuinely looking for a partner online that just want to find someone like YOU.

You just need to learn a few things about men, you probably need to heal a few wounds and heartbreaks that might have made you mistrust men and…

… you need to learn to date discerningly which isn’t promiscuity, polyamory or having a relationship, it’s simply meeting high quality single men who have been filtered through for an introduction.

That’s all that’s it the end.

Do that at a rate of 1-2 dates per week and you will meet your guy in as few as 10 dates or within 5 weeks. The average time it takes my clients to meet their DREAM man T rate of 1-2 dates a week is just a few weeks.

If you want my help, simply send me a PM ask me about my 90 day 1-1 intensive!

It’s for single women who want to be married and create a foundation for healthy fulfilling partnership for years to come with a healthy masculine man who leads with her comfort, desires and total safety front and center.

With my help, you will date for marriage and be engaged by next year this time or sooner!

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