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Submission is the WISE Result of Trust & not a Sign of Inferiority

“I’ve seen you,” she said, “you’re a submissive woman. I am not,” she said, “I am a leader, I am an alpha, I want to be met fully by my man and seen for everything that I am. You don’t have that problem,” she said, “because you’re not an alpha.”

She thought that because I was a feminine woman, I was an inferior woman and she called that submissive.

And what she didn’t understand is that even an alpha female enjoys submitting to a man she TRUSTS.

In fact, submitting and surrendering to your man does not have anything to do with whether or not you’re an alpha female.

It has to do with whether he’s a healthy masculine man and whether or not you TRUST him.

If he’s not a healthy masculine man, you will NEVER be able to feel safe with him and TRUST him.

That’s why when you date with me the very first thing we look for is healthy masculine energy.

There used to be a time when I agreed with her that submission was inferiority. My subconscious toxic feminist programming rallied against ever being subjugated, ever being told what to do by a “mere” man.

But then I met my incredible, compassionate, loving, tender, supportive, kind, masculine husband and I was like, WAIT I kinda LIKE when he tells me what to do LOL.

It’s kind of HOTTTT. LOL

Because I TRUST him.


I TRUST him to never lead me where I don’t want to go.

I TRUST him to lead with my desires, needs, feelings and comfort front and center.

That doesn’t take away from the feminine leader that I am. And “submitting” to him doesn’t make me inferior.

It makes me WISE.

Because I SELECTED the RIGHT man that proved himself TRUSTWORTHY.

It’s WISE.


It creates HEALTHY lives, healthy families, healthy societies.

SELECT the RIGHT man and your alpha female ass will purr and submit too.

I dare you.

And if you want help, I offer that in my 90 day 1:1 intensive for Feminine leaders ready for hot healthy love!

Send me a DM and ask me about it. I will respond and we will have a quick chat to see if we’re soulmates for this work and if so, we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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