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Elizabeth R.

I struggled a great deal with confidence in my every day life. I was extremely depressed and felt like I wanted to, “start over” in life.  I did not feel like I was worthy of finding joy and happiness in life. I felt like my children deserved a better mother and honestly I was close to suicide.

These issues were costing me the ability to own my own life. I was on various Narc support group sites via Facebook but Emilia’s stuck out to me. The other sites seemed to be bitch fests about their exes or their upbringing. Emilia’s site brought me to the idea that I am more than the abuse I endured. I can learn and grow because of my abuse. When I spoke with her for the first time one on one she said, “we will bring back your sparkle.” I thought she is a strange one. lol No, but she did just that through her program. She brought back a purpose in life that revolves around loving myself and finding my joy that can definitely be summed up by saying, “I found my sparkle!” 

Now I feel like it is okay to fail. I feel like I sparkle so brightly now because I spent those hard times in the darkness getting to know my wounds and learning from them. I feel like I do not have to start over…I merely have to begin again. I feel like life is worth living and I am indeed WORTHY OF LOVE! testimonials… testimonials… testimonials… testimonials… testimonials… testimonials…testimonials…

I have become more of an intentional mother. I have also become more of a mother who is not so focused on perfectionism but on doing my very best. I have learned that showing my children my faults can be just as inspiring and necessary in their upbringing as showing them my sparkle. I have learned it is okay to cry and it is important to learn to realize Life is Now!

Thank you Emilia for all that you do! You are an inspiration to us all. I hope to be able to do more programs with you in the future. God Bless!


Carissa Widener testimonials

Before I met Emilia I was SINGLE. I always chose narcissists to date instead of the good guys. I was having frequent anxiety attacks, I was having trouble committing in relationships, I pushed the good guys away, and I was uncomfortable around men.

The first meeting I had with Emilia was what led me to the progress I’ve made thus far! Because of our talk, I learned that I was very capable of catching my behaviors and recovering to become a thriver as long as I kept working toward it with help.  I learned I have had PTSD. In that meeting, she taught me that therapy wasn’t for the weak but for the people who were ready to build on the strength they already had.

Now I feel like I’ve finally learned what it takes to trust and have a meaningful relationship. I’m married now WOHOOO and have a wonderful and open relationship with my husband. We tell each other everything, and I’m always open about when I feel my old habits coming out. I’m honest about my triggers, and I trust him to protect me instead of pushing people away to protect myself.

I certainly feel more grounded! I feel centered and ready to handle matters with my husband by my side. I can say that I have placed total trust in my husband. I feel stronger and more aware.

Thanks, Emilia! And thank YOU so much for your help! Had it not been for you, I would have never learned about my PTSD or met the amazing therapist I have now. Or! For that matter, been very open about everything with my new husband!

Lyz Bet, Missouri testimonials

I was thinking this morning as I drove my children to school about how for the first time I was smiling.Why? I was smiling because much like how to Bible says in Jer 29:11 for the first time I realized I have HOPE and a FUTURE. There have honestly been some very low points in the last 8 months that had me contemplating suicide and wondering if my children would be better without me. Of course what always kept me going was how awful it would be for my children to be raised by him. I can whole heartedly say now that I have NO desire to die…and I am HAPPY to be alive. I looked at life for the first time in nearly 5 years as a gift not a burden I had to bear. I realized it is my honor to be raising these four children even if I am alone in it. I am not a victim I am a survivor and I can as you put it, “Get back my sparkle in life!”

It was honestly so awkward to smile this morning on the way to the my children’s school it was difficult to use the muscles it takes. I am so overjoyed that I have an opportunity to heal and you have opened a door to a new and better chapter for my life. As I arrived at my children’s school I proceeded to talk to their teachers, interact with the other children in the room and smile at people as they passed by. Due to my low self esteem and previous abuse I would normal make very little eye contact and look at the floor as I engaged only with my children dropping them off as quickly as possible. I still have a long way to go but I can tell from our chat yesterday that I am in good hands.

Thank you again for all that you do!

Stacey O, Argentina

Meeting Emilia and talking to her was one of the best things that could happen to me because she could understand where I was coming from. I was already getting help for my daughter and I thought it was fine. But after several conversations with Emilia, I thought it would be good to give a try to her coaching program since I had never done coaching before. I started seeing the results of my conversations with Emilia even before I started the program. After talking to Emilia, I was able to put my life and past in perspective and really look at the things and events in my life that got me where was then. And then after the first module and taking notes, I was able to have like and X-ray of the different stages of my life and the choices I made. I was an incredible eye-opening experience. And it went on and on after every module and group call. The theory and practice structure is awesome.

Emilia, I really want to thank you a lot for bringing all this awesomeness to my life. I feel so blessed to have met you and to have done this program. The main motivation for me to it were my kids and the dedication that you put to every module and the guidance we got in the group calls. This program has really transformed my life and the way I look at it now. I feel so honored and grateful to have been able to receive this gift from life.  I know that if I face difficult times in my life, I will be able to use the tools that you provided us with in this program. Thank you again and I hope the Lord continues to bless you to help more people to transform their life and find happiness and peace of heart.