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The #1 Thing you Need to SELECT the RIGHT Man is to Create an Intentional Courting Practice When Dating

There is NO magic place that your dream man hangs out, sorry. He’s where all the other men are – at the sports bar, at work, at the gym, at his buddy’s house, at the grocery store, on the dating apps, walking his dog, at the coffee shop, driving on the highway.

There is NOT a special place where all the quality men hang. Sorry.

There isn’t a city.

There isn’t an app.

There isn’t a matchmaker.

There isn’t a sports bar.


Once you GET this, you are FREE! Because you realize that you have the power to create your reality in love and you understand that learning HOW to SELECT the RIGHT man saves you:

-years of dead end dating
-years of heartbreak and drama
-years trying to make the wrong marriage work
-years loosing your self esteem and inner joy because of a toxic marriage

I know you know that the wrong choice of partner can affect your WHOLE life.

And I really hate digging into pain points as a marketing strategy AND I feel I NEED to yell this from the rooftops!!!!!!

You can LEARN to SELECT the RIGHT man, just like you can LEARN any other skill.

You can LEARN to SELECT the RIGHT man for you, just like you can learn any other skill.

Yes you can LEARN. And it’s fairly simple.

I can’t tell you how WORTH it it is to LEARN this SKILL. So I am trying to spell it out here. LOL.

When you SELECT the RIGHT man, you will avoid SO much pain. You will avoid:
-feeling drained and unsupported
-increased financial strain
-damaged self esteem and confidence
-deteriorating physical and mental health
-losing trust in men
-stunted personal growth
-there are so many more!!!!!

When you learn to create an intentional courting phase in your life……for YOURSELF, You SAVE yourself from ALL of the above.

The problem in 2024 is that the world has gone largely digital and there are not the local village potlucks, the folk festival with the 3 neighboring villages, the local fall gathering and pig cooking when the menfolk brave the first hunt in spring.

But that’s Ok! Because you can use a dating app for this exact same thing.

The subconscious self-judgement, anxiety and doomsday heart attacks you’re creating for yourself when you think about dating apps are really honestly unnecessary.

Dating apps are easy and work well BUT most women don’t know HOW to apply them to GET COURTED so they can SELECT the RIGHT man.

They KEY is to using online dating platforms as a source of introductions ONLY.

You will be introduced to the the guy via the online dating app, you will invite a phone call from him, on the phone call you will invite a date request. And poof! Just like that you have a date, or a few dates!

Use a google voice or other forwarding service in your country if you’re worried about them finding you with your real phone number.

Once you invite a date request and you’re ACTUALLY on the date…guess what DOES NOT MATTER IN THE LEAST?

It does not matter at that point to EITHER of you HOW you got there.

No one cares HOW you got there.

He doesn’t care because you’re there.

You won’t care, because he’s there.

WHERE the introduction comes from is now completely irrelevant.

You STILL need to learn to SELECT.

It doesn’t matter where the introduction comes from.
It doesn’t matter where the introduction comes from.
It doesn’t matter……

The introductions from dating apps are NOT better OR worse than the introductions from matchmakers, from friends of friends, from your gym or from your grocery store.

Introductions are introductions are introductions. And I know matchmakers tell you they have quality men BUT I hired a matchmaker when I was dating and I can tell you that the men were NOT more quality than the average man I met online using the strategy I created and you can get free if you DM me.

The men from the matchmaker had only one difference: they had the money to pay a matchmaker. They were not healthier people, they were not more ready for a sincere connection and they were not higher quality overall. They just had more money.

So that’s why the key for feminine leaders who are creating life on their terms and want to live their dreams, is to learn how to SELECT.

If you meet the man through a friend, you STILL have to SELECT.

He’s not automatically qualified boyfriend and marriage material because you met him through a friend. Or at least he SHOULDN’T be based on where the introduction comes from.

If you meet him through a matchmaker, you STILL have to SELECT.

He’s not more qualified to be a husband because he paid someone money to find him a match. In my experience the men I connected with through the matchmaker wanted a partner but were recently divorced and NOT emotionally ready or available.

I know this personally from dating for over 10 yrs and using ALL of the strategies above and I know this professionally from helping 100s of clients date, get engaged and married.

You need to learn to SELECT.

The sooner you realize that there is NO magic man that is going to sweep you away by complete surprise just like in your fantasy, the sooner you become SELF responsible for the quality of people and men you allow in your life.

The sooner you learn to SELECT the sooner you will free yourself from ALL drama FOREVER.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s just something NO ONE taught you.

Not society.
Not the newspaper.
Not your mom, most likely.
Not your aunt.

If you’ve had a divorce or two, it’s because you didn’t know HOW to SELECT.

That’s ALL, that’s IT the END.

And if you’d like to learn HOW to select the RIGHT man I teach you that in my upcoming “Everything Dating” program starting on March 21st. Send me a DM if you want in and I will share all the deets!

As soon as you’re registered, you get unlimited messenger/voxer/whatsapp support to get your dating profile up and running and start getting some introductions to high quality men!

I look forward to connecting with you and teaching you the EASE of learning to SELECT the RIGHT Guy.

Love, Emilia

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