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The 5 Simple Things You Need for a Happy Marriage

A successful marriage between a feminine woman and a masculine man requires a few things that are not conventional in our current social norms in order to be sustainable and fulfilling.

But it’s actually not complicated….but not being aware of these 5 things is why so many marriages fail.

  1. First, it requires that the partners like each other. LOL.
  2. Second, it requires a friendship between the partners.
  3. Third, it requires that the masculine and feminine polarities are balanced in a way that is harmonious for both partners. This is the thing that many modern people do not understand and I will explain it below.
  4. Fourth, it requires an experience and a felt understanding and ability to handle with love men’s human mammal nature and women’s human mammal nature.
  5. Fifth, along with an understanding of female and male mammalian brain, an understanding of female human spirit (divine feminine) and male human spirit (divine masculine) is required.

And it’s ACTUIALLY not a complicated or convoluted thing AT ALL to do this. It’s just 5 things!

Whenever people come to me with issues in their relationship, these are the first 5 things I check.

Like for #1, is there resentment? Because that kills. This needs to be healed ASAP and we can do this in a few sessions.

For #2, do you trust him 10/10? If not, then the marriage can’t be repaired until that’s addressed at the root.

For #3, who has the feminine and masculine energy IN the relationship and does that fit your authentic CORE polarity? If not, as in the masculine energy husband is in feminine mode and the feminine energy wife is in masculine mode (very very very common, it looks like the man feeling helpless, powerless and becoming passive and the woman running the show), this needs to be addressed for healing to occur.

For #4, there’s just a bit of instinct to understand and how when that runs the show, it sets us up for adversarial dynamics.

For #5, it’s about connecting to your personal creative power and using it to create your life.

Like really, NOT complicated…It’s really not. I literally spelled it out here in a few paragraphs.

It just SEEMS that way because this is something that’s not widely talked about. We DON’T learn these fundamentals in school, on TV, in the general cultural narrative and mainstream normal.

We don’t often see sacred partnership modeled in our family of origin, our literature.

And yet I have found over and over that the organic blueprint lives within every human being. We just need to connect to it.

It’s been erased from our human history though it’s the fundamentals for marriage longevity and success absolutely essential fiber of a healthy family and society!!!. Why is the subject of another blog.

Thankfully, it’s something you can re-learn, re-member, integrate and apply in just 90 days and it’s one of the things I teach in my 1-1 90 day intensive.

I can tell you that sure, it’s helpful and a major bonus if a man has this education and understanding but it’s totally NOT necessary for you to create sacred union and sacred partnership.

A man doesn’t have to have a degree in relationships from Emila Nagy’s Sacred Union University to be a good partner LOL. No. He just has to be healthy, masculine and ready.

That’s because the divine feminine energy carries the frequency of this union and and awakens and inspires it in the divine masculine in men.

OMG I just got goosebumps writing this!

Also: Healthy masculine men RESPOND to women. And, it takes only one person in a relationship to influence the whole of the relationship (it doesn’t take two to tango in sacred union because both people are in their power and creators).

So that means that if YOU invest in this powerful work you’re going to be so much further along in the journey of creating sacred union in your marriage than you would be without it.

It used to be that the “balance” of energies was dictated by society and traditional gender ROLES (and a good dose of female oppression and male adulation).

And it was enough if you followed those norms that you’d have as successful as a marriage as COULD be, in 3D Earth. If you followed the pre-prescribed gender roles, your survival would be ensured, but you wouldn’t necessarily thrive, or God forbid, embody ecstasy, LOL.

But now, we’ve thrown off the old traditions and social constructs of marriage male/female roles. We tried to throw gender roles out the window and there was a freedom and empowerment that came with that, yet relationships between men and women are suffering more than ever.

And that’s because without an understanding of the survival instincts (which includes mating instincts) and the physical tendencies of each gender, coupled with spiritual connection and balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies, our relationships are still unsustainable and unfulfilling.

Since many women are now financially self-sufficient and independent of men, we’ve made the mistake of extrapolating that self sufficiency and independence to the emotional and spiritual realms as well. That’s why women find themselves in romantic relationships with men that lack connection or chemistry.

These spiritual energies are available to all of us; regardless of our gender but our gender IS the human animal, physical or mammalian and biochemical portion of our make-up which will predispose us to certain survival instincts.

And yay – it’s a NEW AGE. We GET to DESIGN our relationships the way that we want and need; but for sustainability and fulfillment we MUST design the partnership in a way that serves both our human animal nature (determined by the biochemistry of gender) AND our human spiritual nature.

We can’t have sacred partnership with just the sacred union of divine masculine and feminine energy within and in our relationship with our man, but WITHOUT the deep understanding and honoring of our mammalian natures. We need both.

So, if meeting your soulmate or healing your current partnership or marriage and creating sacred union is something you’re desiring in the next 3-6 months, I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my private 90 day program.

In that container we also work on strategic dating (if you have not met him yet), so you can select a healthy masculine man who is ready for commitment and union, deeply embodying and balancing your divine feminine and masculine spiritual energies, learning about and balancing your human spirit and human animal energies, and learning the skills you’ll need to sustain sacred partnership for life.

Looking forward to your DM! Emilia 🙂

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